Consumerist Comments Beta Test Begins Later Today

Consumerist Comments Beta Test Begins Later Today

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that Consumerist has been without reader comments for the last 12 months. We’re pleased to announce that today we are launching a beta test of the new system and will hopefully be rolling it out to all readers in the coming weeks. [More]

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What’s that you say? A newsletter can’t be fun? You are so wrong, dear reader! Or at least a little bit wrong. Fine, it’s not that newsletters are like amusement park rides or rolling down a huge grassy hill on a sunny day. But you will be sure that you haven’t missed out on anything good we’ve got to offer, so there’s that. [More]

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Consumerist Is Looking For A DC-Based Contributor. Maybe It’s You


Even though Consumerist covers the lawmakers and regulators in Washington, D.C., it’s been several years since we’ve actually had anyone based in our nation’s capital. Hopefully that will soon change, as we’re hoping to find a contributor who can cover the federal beat. [More]

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Latest News About Xbox One And Used Games Only Muddies The Waters

Among the major concerns Xbox users had about the unveiling of Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One, was whether or not gamers would be able to play used games. Some retailers who make mountains of cash selling old games also have reason to worry. The company is now attempting to clear up those concerns, but it is really just making the picture murkier and testing the boundaries of copyright law. [More]


Someone Is Watching You Pick Your Nose Via Webcam & Sharing Photos With Fellow Creepers

In today’s world of constant Internet connections and online communities dedicated to anything and everything and how to do it, it isn’t just obsessed exes and the neighborhood peeping Tom we have to worry about. Now there are ratters, so-named after the Remote Administration Tool some hackers use to spy on strangers. [More]

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Take Part In The Bold New Experiment That Is The Consumerist Brand Impression Index

We often hear, “Company X sucks! I don’t know why people like shopping there,” or “I know people really hate X, but I like it.” Curious about this perception/reality divide, we began thinking about how to sort what people think about a brand from what they assume about it. [More]


4 Reasons Why Profanity-Filled E-Mails & Rants Will Not Result In Good Customer Service

Bad customer service — especially the kind that has the consumer bouncing from one department to the next without any hope for resolution — can be infuriating. It can be incredibly easy, if not downright tempting, to dust off every dirty word you ever learned by watching football with that one uncle as a kid. [More]


8 Above-And-Beyond Customer Service Stories From Consumerist Readers

Not so long ago, in a fit of pleasantness, we asked readers to write in with stories of companies and employees who had gone above and beyond in providing customer service. We’re happy to say we drastically underestimated how many of you would respond. [More]


We Need Your Help In Getting Comments Back On Consumerist

As a few of you have taken the time to point out, it’s been a while since Consumerist had comments. Now that we’re seeing some light at the end of that tunnel, we are looking for a few of you to help us out with your feedback. [More]


Important Update

Dear Consumerist Readers, [More]

Notice About Errors With Password Reset Emails

Notice About Errors With Password Reset Emails

Our hosting provider is having significant difficulty delivering password reset emails to our users. Today, they made a change that resulted in a large amount of backlogged emails being sent out to users who had requested a password reset in the past two weeks. If you received such an email and are concerned or would like assistance, please email and our internal team will assist you. [More]

Comments Have Been Restored

We at the Consumerist would like to thank you for sticking with us during this difficult time. This post is to inform you that the ability to comment on the site has been restored. As a precaution, your password has been reset. You will need to choose a new password. You can begin that process here. We’d like to thank everyone who reached out during this difficult time with messages of support and offers of help. Consumerist has a truly wonderful and loyal community and we’re glad to be able to welcome you back. [More]


As described in yesterday’s post, the Consumerist has been dealing with security issues that forced us to take the site down twice in the past week. Since the last episode ended Saturday night, we have taken certain steps that we believe address the problems we experienced. [More]


As some Consumerist readers have noted, the site has been down twice in the past week
and we promised an explanation, which follows. [More]

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Personal Finance Roundup

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