BabyFirst/AT&T U-Verse iPad App Named Worst Toy Of 2014

BabyFirst/AT&T U-Verse iPad App Named Worst Toy Of 2014

A year after the combination potty/iPad stand took home an award for Worst Toy of the Year, an app from BabyFirst and AT&T U-Verse that your youngsters could use while pottying on last year’s winner has been crowned the worst for 2014. [More]

These are the offers that we received via the Chromecast in the Consumerist Cave.

Google Giving Away Free Stuff To New & Current Chromecast Users

In less than a year and a half, Google’s Chromecast has gone from nothing to being the #2 video streaming device sold to U.S. consumers, largely because of its $35 price tag. Now with Amazon — another newcomer into this market — rolling out its comparable $39 Fire TV stick, Google is throwing in freebies to new and current Chromecast users. [More]

The Soaragami hopes to put an end to jockeying over the armrest by putting up a vertical barrier.

Is This Simple Device The Peacemaker For The Armrest Wars?

Until now, the best available solution for ending the war over shared armrests involved a complete redesign of theater seats. It’s a novel, but impractical idea that also fails to address the armrest jockeying that goes on every day on plains and trains. One new, elegantly simple idea, aims to end this war by equally divvying up the forearm real estate. [More]


Comcast Customers Complain About E-Mails Pushing Modem Upgrades

It’s nothing new for a cable company to send out e-mails urging customers to upgrade to the latest technology. It’s another for those e-mails to include links that automatically opt you in to that upgrade without warning. [More]


ID Thieves Use Domino’s Ordering App To Check Stolen Card Numbers

Let’s say you’re a criminal who has just purchased a bunch of credit/debit card numbers stolen from one of the data breaches that occur every day. How do you check to see if the numbers you’ve purchased are any good? For ID thieves in Brooklyn, the Domino’s Pizza ordering app provided a quick and easy way to run through those numbers — and get pizza for people. [More]

McDonald’s Bringing Build-Your-Own Burger Option To 2,000 Locations

McDonald’s Bringing Build-Your-Own Burger Option To 2,000 Locations

It’s been nearly 10 months since we told you about McDonald’s tiny test of a customizable burger option in a handful of its California restaurants. And in an attempt to turn around its sagging sales, the fast food megachain says it will be bringing the build-your-own concept to thousands more locations in the coming year. [More]

Cracker Barrel Waitress Scores Ultimate Tip: A Car

Cracker Barrel Waitress Scores Ultimate Tip: A Car

After seeing the woeful state of their waitress’s car parked outside the Branson, MO, Cracker Barrel where she worked, a couple from Arkansas decided to leave her a pretty nice tip — in the form of a car. [More]

For-Profit College Hired Exotic Dancers As Admissions Reps

For-Profit College Hired Exotic Dancers As Admissions Reps

The operators of a now-defunct for-profit college in Florida allegedly told its admissions directors to do whatever it took to sell the school to potential students. Among the tactics used by the school is one straight out of a wacky, low-budget, late-night college movie you might see on Cinemax. [More]

Sprint Exec Admits That “Half-Off” Offer Will Likely Only Result In Savings Of Around 20%

Sprint Exec Admits That “Half-Off” Offer Will Likely Only Result In Savings Of Around 20%

Earlier this week, Sprint introduced a new offer for current Verizon and AT&T customers looking to switch service — same amount of data at half the price. We noted at the time that the major catch to this deal is that you have to pay full price for your new phone when you switch (or pay $200), but how much would that cut into your savings? According to one top Sprint exec, quite a lot. [More]

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26-Year Delta Air Lines Vet Says He Was Fired After Criticizing Baggage Handler Pay

There is a game of he said/airline said going on between a baggage handler who was recently fired after more than two decades on the job. He claims he was fired for speaking out publicly on his co-workers’ wages while Delta maintains that the man’s statements were untrue and in violation of company policy. [More]

McDonald’s Customer & His Cat Pepper-Sprayed By Other Customer

McDonald’s Customer & His Cat Pepper-Sprayed By Other Customer

Anyone who has worked in retail — especially foodservice — is familiar with pesky customers who have to repeatedly be told to leave the store. But one such standoff in Seattle apparently escalated quickly to the point where at least two adults and a cat were all doused in pepper spray. [More]

Secret Santa Gifts $15K To Pay For Strangers’ Walmart Layaway Items

Secret Santa Gifts $15K To Pay For Strangers’ Walmart Layaway Items

It’s that time of year again, when generous folks around the country pop in to their local retailers and plunk down a pile of cash to make strangers’ holidays happier by paying for their layaway purchases. This time, some secret Santa in Ohio left a substantial $15,000 gift under shoppers’ trees. [More]

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How Dropping Phone, TV Service From AT&T Bundle Resulted In 3-Year Collection Hell For Customer

Cable and telecom companies love to sell you on the convenience and affordability of bundles combining phone, TV and Internet service onto one bill. But what they don’t tell you is that shedding that bundle could end up in a billing nightmare. [More]

Teen-Targeted Retailer dELiA*s Is bANkruPt. Will Close Stores, Liquidate Merch

Teen-Targeted Retailer dELiA*s Is bANkruPt. Will Close Stores, Liquidate Merch

Clothing retailer dELiA*S — a store best known for its complete disregard for capitalization and punctuation — has announced today that teenage girls have moved on to other retailers, leaving it in d33p n dEbT and having to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection while it closes stores and liquidates its assets. [More]

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DirecTV’s HBO Contract Indicates It Could Sell Standalone HBO Go

There are several mysteries surrounding the impending 2015 launch of HBO’s standalone streaming video service: Will it be the same as HBO Go? What will it cost? Do I have to buy it through my cable company? HBO hasn’t given any answers to these questions, but recent news about the network’s contract with DirecTV appears to indicate that even the satellite services may be selling the service. [More]

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Customer Sues Domino’s Because Intestine-Piercing Wire Bristles Are Not A Pizza Topping

If you’ve ordered enough pizzas, you’ve probably come across a few with a stray topping that shouldn’t be there. In most cases, the worst that can happen is you eat some green pepper, sausage, or mushroom that you hadn’t intended on consuming. But one Washington state man claims he didn’t realize until it was too late — and he was having emergency surgery — that he’d eaten some Domino’s Pizza topped with wire bristles. [More]

Debt Collectors Paying To Use Prosecutors’ Letterheads To Get People To Pay

This "late payment" notice appears to come from the office of the Calaveras County district attorney, but in fact was sent by a debt collection firm that manages the county's "Bad Check Restitution Program."

It’s one thing to get a letter from a debt collector that erroneously claims you owe money and have to pay up; it’s another to receive that same notice from your local prosecutor. But what if that latter letter is actually coming from a debt collector who is paying the district attorney’s office for the right to contact certain consumers? [More]

The North Korean government has been openly critical of the upcoming Sony-distributed comedy The Interview, in which James Franco and Seth Rogen are tasked with assassinating Kim Jong-Un.

Report: Sony To Officially Point Finger At North Korea For Huge Hack

Last week, it was revealed that Sony had been the victim of a massive data breach, resulting in the leak of Sony films, scripts, passwords, and sensitive information about employees and business operations. There have been rumors of suspected involvement by the North Korean government in the hack, and a new report claims that Sony will officially name the country as the source of the breach. [More]