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BREAKING: NBC and FOX Announce "You Tube Killer" Featuring Full Episodes of Popular Shows

The companies said Thursday that distribution partners for the online content would include Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp.’s MSN network and Time Warner Inc.’s AOL unit. The site, which will be free, is expected to launch this summer and will carry full episodes and clips from hit shows such as “Heroes,” “The Simpsons,” “24” and “My Name Is Earl.” It will also feature movies, including “Borat.”

Ronald McDonald Goes Calypso

Man, Ronald McDonald’s pretty hot underneath all that ghoulish pancake. Another object lesson illustrating why girls shouldn’t wear so much make-up.

I Am Man, Hear Me Roar… When My Heart Explodes

Misogynist reinterpretations of female empowerment songs always bring a smile to our faces, especially when it involves what appears to be a concerted campaign to give every man in American a quadruple simultaneous heart attack.