Adam Fagen

Couple Sues Company Behind IP Database That Sent The Entire Internet To Their Front Door

Back in April, we shared the story of a couple who rented a farm not knowing that 600 million phantom roommates also lived there. Over the years, law enforcement, paramedics, private investigators, and other random strangers have showed up at their doorstep, looking for everyone from suicidal teens to identity thieves to the makers of pornographic movies. Thanks to technology that no one had foreseen back when the database was set up, much of the internet was purportedly in their house. [More]

Why You Should Care That Facebook Spent $2 Billion To Buy Oculus

Facebook has been all over the news today, and not just because voters here at Consumerist think they’re terrible. It all has to do with the online behemoth’s latest, surprising acquisition: a virtual reality company called Oculus. [More]