Microsoft Also Ditching Mandatory Kinect Purchase For Xbox One

Microsoft Also Ditching Mandatory Kinect Purchase For Xbox One

The Xbox-related news is pouring out today. First came the report that Xbox Live members may no longer need to upgrade to Gold subscriptions just to watch streaming videos. Now comes the announcement that the motion and voice-sensing Kinect is not so vital to the Xbox One as Microsoft had originally envisioned. [More]

Ye shall be known as the Xbone, henceforth and unto eternity!

Dear Microsoft: Buying Won’t Stop The Mean Kids From Making Fun Of You

In The Dark Times Of 7th Grade That Should Mostly Remain Un-Referred To, I thought that if I made fun of myself, the Mean 8th Grade Boys Who Resented Spelling Bee Successes* wouldn’t have any power over me anymore. But just like I was probably (read: definitely) wrong, it’s highly likely that people will still call the Xbox One the Xbone, even now that Microsoft has purchased the domain.  [More]