Watch Antenna Company Deliver A Worst Company Congrats Cake To Comcast HQ

Watch Antenna Company Deliver A Worst Company Congrats Cake To Comcast HQ

In a congratulatory gesture to celebrate Comcast’s Worst Company In America win, an antenna company took it upon itself to deliver a cake to the victor’s Philadelphia headquarters. One, because cake is delicious (clearly) and also to thank the cable company for sending it cord-cutting customers who have a sudden need to buy an antenna. [More]

Internal Comcast Memo Says Consumerist Is All About “Headlines,” So Here’s One For Them

Earlier this month, Consumerist readers voted to hand Comcast its second Worst Company In America title, the results undoubtedly tied to the cable company’s ill-advised decision to acquire equally cruddy pay-TV provider Time Warner Cable. But rather than own up to — or even ignore — its WCIA tournament victory, the company chose to send out a memo to thousands of employees name-checking Consumerist and accusing us of being all about making headlines. [More]


Four years since winning its first Worst Company tournament, Comcast’s doubted that the Kabletown Krusher could ever regain that 2010 form. But after a few years of letting others hold the title, Comcast was fiercely intent on bringing a second Golden Poo to its Philadelphia lair. And in one of the narrowest Final Death Matches in the centuries’ long history of WCIA battle, Comcast managed to hold the genetically modified body blows of Monsanto. [More]

Comcast Or Monsanto: Who Will Win The Worst Company In America 2014 Final Death Match?

A seed company and a cable company are all that remain of the 32 bad businesses that paraded into the Worst Company In America Arenadome only a few weeks back. One is a battle-tested vet with a Golden Poo on its mantlepiece; the other a tournament newcomer who doesn’t seem put off by its competitor’s years of experience. Both of today’s Final Death Match contenders dream of a world where they are the only supplier in their respective industries, and will go to any means necessary to make that dream a reality. [More]

Who Will Go Head-To-Head In The Worst Company In America Final Death Match?

When the sun rose this morning over the Worst Company In America Salvage Yard, awakening Rusty the lazy junkyard dog who couldn’t scare off a squirrel, four battered, bruised, nauseated, and bed-headed contenders greeted the dawn in contemplative silence, knowing that two of them would be gone by sundown. In their hearts, they hoped to survive the day while the doubting devils whispering in their ears reminded them that a loss could bring sweet relief, an end to the ceaseless brutality of the last few weeks; a victory just meant one more brawl. Now, as we cart the defeated off the battlefield, we leave behind one tournament vet and one WCIA rookie to prepare for Monday’s Final Death Match. [More]

Comcast Cruises Past Verizon, Walmart Upsets Bank Of America In Worst Company Quarterfinal Action!

Worst Company In America Quarterfinal action kicked off this morning with a doozy of a double-header, one resulting in one of the tournament’s most decisive victories and the other going down to the wire in this year’s latest buzzer-beater bout. [More]

Time Warner Cable Ekes Out Another Win, To Face Monsanto In Worst Company Quarterfinals!

Two weeks ago, 32 bad businesses entered the Worst Company in America velodrome. But since they didn’t all bring their racing bikes with them, they just began beating the holy snot out of each other for our readers’ amusement. Giants fell, upstarts pulled upsets, and battle-hardened vets relived their glory days when they could more easily lay claim to the Golden Poo. Now, after two rounds of out-and-out, completely organized mayhem, eight contenders still stand, but to quote the greatest movie ever made in the history of films with the word “highlander” in the title: There can be only one. [More]

Comcast, Verizon March On To Worst Company Quarterfinals

Today, four of the biggest names in Consumerist news, including one former champ, fought it out in the Worst Company Sandbox of… Sand. Each member of this cruddy quartet may be deserving of the Golden Poo, but only two could move on the next round. [More]

SeaWorld Edges Out Ticketmaster, Joins Walmart In Worst Company Quarterfinals!

Round Two action continued today, with two Worst Company tournament newcomers each taking on established WCIA vets. In the end, one of those freshmen fighters was sent packing, while the other managed to eke out a victory against a company who has left such an indelible mark on the tournament’s history that it belongs in the WCIA Runner-Up Hall of Something That Rhymes With Fame But Means The Opposite. [More]

Latest Worst Company Voting Results Confirm: People Hate Banks

After a brief breather, it was back to pummeling the living heck out each other for the remaining contenders in this year’s Worst Company In America tournament. And even though the nation’s largest airline and biggest fast food chain looked like they might have had what it takes to challenge for the Golden Poo, one has to always remember an ages-old truth: People just plain hate banks. [More]

Facebook Gets The Thumbs-Up From Haters, Takes Final Spot In Worst Company Not-So-Sweet 16

After more than a week of bloodshed, half of the contenders that dared to dip their toes into the Worst Company wading pool (stocked with laser-equipped piranha and some ill-tempered guppies) have been carried out in Consumerist-branded body bags. The 16 fighters that remain are bruised, but not broken, and one of them will soon be crowned with the coveted Golden Poo. [More]

SeaWorld Makes A Big Splash In Worst Company Competition Debut; AT&T, Citi Also Move On

In the nearly decade-long history of Worst Company In America, we’ve noticed that newcomers — especially those who make the bracket because they’re in the news a lot — either flame out in the early rounds (like Lululemon) or take the tournament by storm (like past winners EA and BP). This year’s out-of-nowhere surprise comes courtesy of the folks at SeaWorld, which swam to an easy win in its WCIA debut. [More]

EA’s Worst Company In America Reign Comes To An End With Loss To Time Warner Cable

Video game giant Electronic Arts stepped into the Worst Company In America nonagon of unpleasantness this morning crowned with two Golden Poos and with the confidence that the tournament’s only two-time winner deserves. But in the end, it wasn’t EA that was carried out of the arena in victory — it was Time Warner Cable. [More]

Bank Of America, Monsanto, Verizon Move On To Next Round Of Worst Company Competition

After three days of Worst Company In America voting, nine big businesses lie battered and bloody on the sandpaper mat of the WCIA Dodecahedron of Doom. But we are not here to mourn the fallen, but to hurl rotting fruit at the victors who survive to fight another day. [More]

Walmart, Koch, McDonald’s All Move On To Round Two Of Worst Company Tournament

Two of today’s WCIA battles were dominated by household names, proving that being the biggest doesn’t mean you’re the best. Another showdown featured companies that aren’t necessarily on the tip of everyones’ tongues, but are no less hated than the big brand names. [More]

Comcast, Abercrombie, Chase Victorious In First Day Of Worst Company Competition!

The 2014 Worst Company In America competition got off to a big start today with readers turning out in droves to vote on the tournament’s first three match-ups that saw a former Golden Poo champ flexing its muscle, a tournament mainstay making its case for the WCIA title, and the year’s first upset. [More]

Have Fun Breaking Down This Year’s Worst Company In America Bracket

Have Fun Breaking Down This Year’s Worst Company In America Bracket

The above bracket will be updated at the end of each day of WCIA competition to reflect that day’s results.

After going through all of your nominations, then having y’all rank the contenders and eliminate the chaff from the wheat, we’re proud to present the first round match-ups for this year’s Worst Company in America tournament! [More]

Here Are Your Worst Company Contenders For 2014 — Help Us Seed The Brackets!

After sorting through a mountain of nomination e-mails, we’ve whittled down the field of competitors for this year’s Worst Company In America tournament to 40 bad businesses. Here’s your chance to have your say on how these players will square off in the bracket, and which bubble teams will get left out in the cold. [More]