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Fundraising Group Sells $1,500 Jeans Featuring Denim Ripped By Lions, Tigers & Bears (Oh My)

Can’t take a selfie with a big cat, due to bans on the practice or the unavailability of an obliging lion? Wildlife fans with deep pockets were able to get perhaps the next best thing to a photo, after one animal fundraising group auctioned off jeans featuring denim ripped apart by wild animals. [More]


Thousands Of People Posting Makeup-Free Selfies Are Donating To The Wrong Charity

You might’ve seen British pals on social media posting selifes of themselves wearing no makeup with the hashtag #nomakeupselfie, as part of an effort to donate funds to Cancer Research UK. But a new report says many of those good intentions are going to UNICEF instead — or to polar bear adoptions — due to a texting mixup. [More]