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Wachovia Settles "Pick-a-Payment" Mortgage Loan Class

Wachovia Settles "Pick-a-Payment" Mortgage Loan Class Action

If you got a “Pick-a-Payment” mortgage from Wachovia between Aug 1 2003 and Dec 31 2008, you might be up for claiming some cash in a $50 million settlement.


Meet The Savings & Loan That Destroyed Wachovia

Meet The Savings & Loan That Destroyed Wachovia

60 Minutes recently took a look at World Savings Bank, the acquisition that ultimately wounded Wachovia so badly that it had to be acquired by Wells Fargo. What was wrong with an institution for which Wachovia was willing to pay $25 billion? Well, one whistleblower claims that World Savings was engaged in fraud and predatory lending — tricking its customers into signing up for dangerous “option-arm” or (as they cheerfully called them) “pick-a-payment” loans.