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In A Surprise To Absolutely No One, Willie Nelson Has Plans To Sell His Own Brand Of Marijuana

It was only a matter of time: Now that recreational marijuana is legal in five U.S. States, Willie Nelson is fulfilling the silent promise his very existence made to his fans, and planning to launch his own line of weed. Please, sit down before you faint dead away from the shock.


If You Want Willie Nelson’s Former Tour Bus, It’s Currently Being Sold On Craigslist

Are you a fan of the Red Headed Stranger? Do you have $65,000 and a driveway long enough to park a 1983 Eagle bus? Then, oh man, we know of a place where you can part with that money. [More]

The moment things got real for Ol' Dillo.

Texas Roadhouse Offering Cash, Replacement Armadillo For Willie Nelson’s Stolen Critter

Whoever you are, you know that’s not your stuffed armadillo. It belongs to a member of Willie Nelson’s stage crew, and there’s a dedicated team around the rocker devoted to getting it back. That includes barbecue chain Texas Roadhouse, which is offering a cash reward of $1,000 and a replacement armadillo to whoever brings back Ol’ Dillo.


Chipotle & Willie Nelson Team Up For Animated
Anti-Factory Farm Ad

Chipotle & Willie Nelson Team Up For Animated Anti-Factory Farm Ad

In a combination we never would’ve thought would be so likable, Chipotle has enlisted the help of Willie Nelson covering a Coldplay song to make an animated piece that is anti-factory farming.