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Whole Foods Tries To Avoid Selling Itself By Replacing Most Of Its Board

A month after shareholders told Whole Foods to shape up and see if someone was interested in buying the chain — Amazon and Kroger, apparently, for a while — the health foods store hasn’t put up the “for sale” sign yet. Instead, the company says it will completely revamp its board.  [More]

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Amazon Was Thinking About Buying Whole Foods: No, Really.

What do you get when you combine a flailing health food chain and an e-commerce giant that’s desperate to get into the grocery business? We could have found out, since Amazon was reportedly thinking about buying Whole Foods. [More]


Whole Foods Is Bleeding, Attracting Sharks

What is the point of Whole Foods when you can buy gluten-free pie crust, organic sweet corn, and quinoa in most regular grocery stores? Whole Foods doesn’t seem to know, and neither do the people who used to shop there, which is why a major shareholder of the supermarket chain wants Whole Foods to clean itself up and see whether anyone might be interested in a merger. [More]

Whole Food Recalls Cheeses Linked To Two Listeria-Related Deaths

Whole Food Recalls Cheeses Linked To Two Listeria-Related Deaths

Whole Foods has expanded a recent recall of Vulto Creamery cheese products potentially contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes after health officials linked two deaths and four illnesses to the cheese made from unpasteurized raw milk. [More]

Whole Foods Adding Do-It-Yourself Juice Bars To Some California Stores

Whole Foods Adding Do-It-Yourself Juice Bars To Some California Stores

Shoppers can already purchase a variety of juices from Whole Foods, but soon some customers in Southern California will be able to make — and then buy — their own juice at stores. [More]

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Aldi Spending $1.6B To Upgrade Stores To Be More Whole Foods-Esque

Millennials are already apparently flocking to Aldi over Whole Foods’ new, hipper version of its typical stores in favor of lower price points, but now these customers won’t have to forego the more expensive chain’s aesthetic: Aldi plans to spend $1.6 billion to revamp the layout of its stores in order to compete with chains like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Sprouts.  [More]

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Whole Foods Closes Regional Kitchens, Says It Isn’t Related To Sanitation Problems

For prepared food items in its stores along the East Coast, Whole Foods uses regional kitchens, each of which cooks various in-house items and distributes them to dozens of stores. The company recently announced that it’s closing the facilities in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Georgia, for reasons that have nothing to do with past sanitation issues in one of them. Nope. [More]


Whole Foods Names Co-Founder John Mackey As Sole CEO

For six years, Whole Foods has been run by two co-CEOs, but amid increased competition and sagging revenue, the high-priced grocery chain has decided it’s for the best to have only one person leading the company: co-founder John Mackey.  [More]

Whole Foods Starts Selling Meal Kits For Purple Carrot

Whole Foods Starts Selling Meal Kits For Purple Carrot

Mail-order meal kits are an industry growing so fast that some companies’ own staffs can’t keep up, and all of that growth depends on getting new people to try the services. Instead of selling people on subscribing to food through the mail using words and pictures, the vegan-focused box company Purple Carrot plans to start selling meal kits in Whole Foods stores. [More]

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Authorities In Detroit Investigating Hepatitis A Cases Linked To Whole Foods

Public health authorities in Detroit are raising the food safety alarm: anyone who bought prepared food at the Whole Foods store at 115 Mack Ave in midtown should seek medical attention, since they may have been exposed to Hepatitis A. While details are fuzzy, they know that the span from Oct. 6-10 is when any exposure would have happened. [More]

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Report: Kroger Entertaining Idea Of Buying Whole Foods

The largest grocery store chain in the country could be getting a bit bigger and a lot more organic, as the rumor mill began churning that Kroger is exploring the idea of buying Whole Foods.  [More]

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Whole Foods Selling Vinyl Records Because Kale Tastes So Much Better While Listening That Way

If you’ve ever had conversations including the phrase “But it sounds so much better on vinyl!” and also, “I prefer organic kale to that wilty stuff in the grocery store,” then Whole Foods is the store for you. At least, five southern California locations are likely right up your alley, as they’ll be selling a “wide selection” of music on vinyl records, from Frank Sinatra to Daft Punk. [via PSFK.com]


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Whole Foods Says Employees Were Not Suspended For Speaking Spanish At Work

Whole Foods is quickly working to smooth over a recent controversy over its policy on speaking languages other than English on the job. Two employees at New Mexico store claimed their pay was docked for speaking to each other in Spanish while on breaks, but Whole Foods says they were reprimanded for rude behavior, not for Spanish. [More]


Whole Foods Warns Of Mix-Up Involving Vegan, Chicken Salads

The thing about being a vegan is, you don’t want to eat any animal products. Not an egg, not a chicken, not a thing that is made from or by an animal. To that end, Whole Foods issued a warning to its customers last week, saying it had mixed up the labels on vegan and chicken salads at about 15 locations. Non-vegans could have an allergic reaction to the soy in the vegan salad, whereas vegans could react adversely to the egg in the chicken salad. And also the chicken. [via the Associated Press]



Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Aldi Among Stores Pledging To Not Sell Genetically Engineered Seafood

With the FDA looking like it’s about to approve one company’s genetically engineered salmon, some of the nation’s larger grocery store chains have pledged to not sell any form of genetically engineered seafood if/when it’s available to consumers.


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Whole Foods To Begin Labeling Genetically Modified Products

Though legislative moves to require labels on food products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have failed, the folks at Whole Foods have decided to step up and announce a plan to sort through all of the items it sells to determine which ones may contain the controversial ingredients. [More]


Whole Foods Apologizes After Guard Says Autistic Customer Belongs On A Leash

When a Milwaukee woman attempted to apologize and pay for some food that her autistic brother had eaten without paying for, she might have expected to be given a hard time. But we’re pretty sure she wasn’t expecting to be told her brother belongs on a leash. [More]


Whole Foods Organic Grapes: Now With Free Black Widow Spiders

Sure, organic produce doesn’t provide any extra nutrition, but it does have other benefits, like keeping artificial fertilizers and pesticides out of the soil and helping people feel extra smug. There can be downsides, though. Just ask the Connecticut woman who found a live black widow spider in the bunch of grapes she brought home from Whole Foods.