Here Are Some Of The Rumors Going Around About The Next Apple Gadgets

It seems like immediately upon Apple releasing new products, the rumor mill gets to chugging along again, with folks trying to predict what the company will come out with next. It can be hard to stay on top of those rumors, so we thought we’d help. [More]

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Your Morning Cup Of Coffee Could Be Made With 9-Year-Old Beans

If the beans in your morning beverage could talk, they would probably use a first-generation iPhone to call up all their pals and tell them they finally made it out of storage and into the Big Show. After years of being socked away as the coffee market weathered hard times, arabica beans — some as old as nine years — are now on super sale and could wind up in your cup of java. [More]

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Garden-Care Company Ortho Phasing Out Chemicals Linked To Declining Bee Population

Ortho, a major player in the garden-care industry and subsidiary of Scotts Miracle-Gro, has tongues buzzing over the news that it will start to “transition away” from using chemicals in its pesticides that are believed to be harmful to honey bees. [More]

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Maryland Passes Bill That Would Keep Pesticides Harmful To Bees Off Retail Shelves

Although some retailers have stopped selling pesticides that are thought to be harmful to bees, amid concerns over the declining population of honeymakers, Maryland will become the first state to have a legal measure barring the products. [More]

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Scoops Up Stumptown Roasters

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Scoops Up Stumptown Roasters

Two coffee companies are coming together in a caffeinated embrace, pledging to combine their beans and walk off into the sunset together: Peet’s Coffee & Tea has bought high-end coffee brand Stumptown Roasters that has created quite the buzz for itself among dedicated customers.


(New Jersey Star Ledger)

We’re Glad Someone Else Was Brave Enough To Test Cicada Recipe On Camera Because Eww

It’s not that we’re a bunch of bug-phobic squeamish eaters here at Consumerist HQ, but we’ll be the first to admit that writing and thinking about cicada recipes caused a few tummies to roil. That’s why we’re super grateful that other enterprising and brave journalists took the hit for us, and cooked up a couple of cicadas on camera to see what all the buzz is about.


A Swarm Of Bees Is Not Something That Goes Well With An Airplane's Wings

A Swarm Of Bees Is Not Something That Goes Well With An Airplane's Wings

We know bird strikes are a terrible inconvenience to planes, but what about a gang of marauding bees? So maybe they weren’t exactly marauding, but a beekeeper did have to be called in at Pittsburgh International Airport on Wednesday night to dislodge a swarm of honeybees that took to buzzing about on a plane’s wings. Quite annoying, as the plane was about to take off for New York.