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Because Pizza Tracker Isn’t Enough, Domino’s Places Live Cams In Store

Yesterday, we discussed the dual-edged sword that is the Domino’s Pizza Tracker — allowing customers to see exactly where their pizzas are at any given moment, but also highlighting that some employees just don’t give a hoot. But the ever-confident pizza chain has decided to ramp up the accountability, installing live cameras in at least one Domino’s store. [More]

FDA Warns Makers Of Inhalable Caffeine Against False Labeling

FDA Warns Makers Of Inhalable Caffeine Against False Labeling

The Food and Drug Administration is issuing what amounts to a “hey, hey, not so fast, guys,” to the makers of a new inhalable caffeine product called AeroShot Pure Energy. They’ve been under the FDA’s eye for awhile, since Sen. Chuck Schumer brought up his concerns that the canisters could be used as a kind of party drug. [More]

CFPB Seeking To Get Credit Bureaus & Debt Collectors Under Its Watch

Now that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finally has a director, Richard Cordray, it’s making some big moves to bring in debt collectors and credit bureaus under the umbrella of industries they want to supervise. [More]