Nicholas Eckhart

Kmart Holds ‘Grand Re-Opening’ For Millennial-Focused Illinois Store

What do millennials––a generation loosely defined as “anyone younger than Consumerist’s senior staff”––want from the physical stores that they still visit? Discount chain Kmart hopes to solve that mystery, re-opening an existing store near its headquarters as a “revitalized and refreshed” concept store intended to attract younger shoppers. [More]

Hammerin Man

More Affluent Americans Moving Into Cities, Making Them More Expensive

Middle-class and wealthy Americans spent the latter half of the 20th century fleeing cities, but a recent report from the Federal Housing Finance Agency shows that people have been moving into the very centers of cities for the last 25 years, and house sale prices have gone up accordingly. [More]

Dish Customers Get Cartoon Network, CNN Back After Month-Long Blackout

Dish Customers Get Cartoon Network, CNN Back After Month-Long Blackout

Just hours after averting (for now) a blackout of CBS-owned stations in 14 markets, Dish Network has made nice with another of its foes in the broadcasting world, ending the month-long blackout of Turner channels like CNN, HLN, and the Cartoon Network. [More]


Wisconsin McDonald’s Reunited With Ronald McDonald Statue 9 Months After It Wandered Off

Police have made a positive identification in the missing inanimate persons case of one Ronald McDonald, statue, who previously resided at a Wisconsin McDonald’s before wandering off/getting kidnapped nine months ago. We might never know what he saw out there in the wide world on his travels, however, as officials say the statue is remaining as silent as a… well, you know. [More]

Chase Bank Is Back Online

Chase Bank Is Back Online

After more than 24 hours of complete uselessness, Chase’s website came back to life late Tuesday night.