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Copyright Law: Why Your Favorite Bar Can’t Show The Game On A 60″ TV

Walking down the street to the Metro, I pass so many bars with so many TVs in them that I could probably find live footage of every major sporting event from almost every corner of the world. Obviously it’s not completely illegal to hang a screen by the beer and share a broadcast, or else entire industries would be out of business. But as it turns out, it may not always be exactly legal, either — and the rules that say when and where you’re good to go are a bit more specific than you might think. [More]

This pleases the Pinball Wizard.

It’s Legal To Play Pinball In Oakland For The First Time In 80 Years

Flex those wrists and get your shoulders rolling, folks: It’s legal to play pinball in Oakland, Calif. for the first time in 80 years. [More]