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Unbelievably Awesome And Cool Consumerist Reader Makes The Weird Al Sandwich

If there’s anything we like spreading more than joy, it’s spreading the joy of sandwiches. And in the case of the sandwich Weird Al Yankovic dreamed up for The Onion AV Club, which we subsequently that we made into a delicious reality, one of our coolest and awesomest readers decided to keep spreading that joy and make his own. We salute you, intrepid reader Luke. You’re great. []


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We Tried It: The Weird Al Yankovic Namesake Sandwich He Never Knew He Asked For

Odds are that we’ll never get to hang out with Weird Al Yankovic, but if we can’t ever sit down for an extended accordion jam session with the music legend, we’ll always have the next-best thing — a sandwich that puts Weird Al’s oddball spirit between two pieces of bread and piles on a bunch of eggplant, mushrooms, sprouts and other stuff. [More]

"Whatever You Like" Parody: Coupon Clipping Is The New Largesse

"Whatever You Like" Parody: Coupon Clipping Is The New Largesse

Have you seen T.I.’s redonkulous “Whatever You Like” music video, where a burger girl gets picked up and gets drenched by the rapper in expensive alcohol, jewels, fancy cars and an evening of disgusting extravagance? If you haven’t, it’s basically TI singing “I will give you any number of expensive things so you will have sex with me,” on top off a rejected melody from a My Little Pony episode cut with the tinny reggatonic hiccups that pass for beats. Now, perhaps marking the first time I’ve found “Weird Al” Yankovic worth more than a “heh,” the musical parodist has released his own version of “Whatever You Like.” In it, he croons his lovergirl with tales of how they’ll spend time together clipping coupons and rolling up at Costco. As a gesture of his munificence, she can even have a large fry when they go to McDonald’s. Both songs in convenient YouTube format for easy comparison and contrast, inside.

iTunes Makes Weird Al Broke

iTunes Makes Weird Al Broke

If Chinese sweatshops or locking yourself into an anti-competitive DRM format aren’t enough reasons to stop you from buying songs from iTunes, at least take pity on polka’s favorite rockin’ freak: Weird Al Yankovic says he makes a lot less money if you buy a song from iTunes than if you buy one of his CDs.