How To Not Suck At Planning Your Wedding, Part 5: Spending Your Wedding Cash

Wedding Week on How To Not Suck reaches its fairy-tale ending. After looking at all the big expenses, the things that cost a lot but shouldn’t, the oodles of extras, and booking your honeymoon, we deal with the happy problem of what to do with any money you receive from guests.

There’s a good chance you’ll be showered with gifts on your wedding day. Perhaps you’ll get a crystal vase. Or a pasta maker. Or his-and-hers (or his-and-his, or hers-and-hers) monogrammed bathrobes. Or maybe you’ll get a whole lotta cash. [More]

How To Not Suck At Planning Your Wedding, Part 4: The Honeymoon

Wedding Week on How To Not Suck rolls on down the aisle. We’ve already covered the big expenses, the stuff you pay too much for, and the pricey little extras. Today, it’s time to start thinking about that big post-wedding expense.

Once the big day is over and the marriage certificate is signed, you and your new spouse may head out on a new adventure — your honeymoon. [More]

How To Not Suck At Planning Your Wedding, Part 3: The Costly Little Extras

Wedding Week continues on How To Not Suck! We’ve already talked about the big-ticket items and other major expenses that couples tend to pay too much for. Today, we look at all those additional purchases that can send wedding costs skyrocketing.

So far we’ve covered everything from the venue to the dress to the limo and the cake. Hard part’s over, right? Not exactly. [More]

How To Not Suck At Planning Your Wedding, Part 2: The Stuff People Pay Too Much For

How To Not Suck’s 5-part Wedding Week series continues today with information on all those purchases that only cost a lot because engaged couples are too-often willing to pay too much.

Yesterday we showed you how to save lots of cash on some big-ticket wedding items you need to book early. Once those are under control, you can move to the next phase in wedding-mania. [More]

How To Not Suck At Planning Your Wedding, Part 1: The Most Expensive Steps

Welcome to Wedding Week on How To Not Suck, a 5-part series on how to deal with all the things couples need to buy/rent/plan before they walk down the aisle. Today’s column focuses on those big-ticket items you need to get out of the way right away.

Maybe you’re one of the many, many couples who recently got engaged on Valentine’s Day (and judging by our Facebook feeds, this V-Day seemed to be particularly proposal-happy), or perhaps you’ve been engaged for a while but you’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get started. Then let’s not waste any time. [More]