Of Course People In Wisconsin Are Getting Wedding Cakes Made Entirely Out Of Cheese

Usually, the topic of wedding trends makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a wire hanger dipped in hot tar, but when you introduce cheese into the picture, well, that’s another matter entirely. [More]

How To Not Suck At Planning Your Wedding, Part 2: The Stuff People Pay Too Much For

How To Not Suck’s 5-part Wedding Week series continues today with information on all those purchases that only cost a lot because engaged couples are too-often willing to pay too much.

Yesterday we showed you how to save lots of cash on some big-ticket wedding items you need to book early. Once those are under control, you can move to the next phase in wedding-mania. [More]

Judge Tells Baker: You Can’t Sell Wedding Cakes Only To Straight Couples

Judge Tells Baker: You Can’t Sell Wedding Cakes Only To Straight Couples

In a case similar to another wedding cake situation in Oregon, a baker in Colorado who turned a same-sex couple away has been ordered by a judge to serve all couples, straight or gay, or face fines. The judge said that by refusing to accept gay customers, the owner of the bakery was discriminating against them. [More]


Bakery That Refused To Make Wedding Cake For Gay Couple Closes Its Doors

The Oregon bakery that made headlines back in February for refusing to make a cake for a gay couple’s wedding is once again in the news, this time for shuttering its doors. The owners had cited their faith when reportedly telling the couple, “We don’t do same-sex marriages.” [More]


Fictional Character Betty Crocker Provides Real Cakes For Minnesota’s First Gay Weddings

People worldwide continue to disagree vehemently on the subject of civil marriage for same-sex couples, but everyone can agree that free cake is a nice thing. The first legally binding gay marriages in Minnesota will happen after midnight on August 1st, and three lucky couples will have free wedding cakes courtesy of Minnesota-based General Mills. [More]

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Couple Claims That Bakery Refused To Make Cake For Same-Sex Wedding

What’s a wedding without a cake? A decidedly less delicious one, which is why couples heading for the altar are in the habit of testing out cakes before the big day so they can choose their favorite. In other words, they get to eat a lot of cake to find a winner.  But one same-sex couple in Oregon is claiming in a complaint filed with the state’s attorney general’s office that their experience at a local bakery was far from fun when the owner refused to sell them a cake. [More]

Is This The Worst "Professional" Wedding Cake Ever?

Is This The Worst "Professional" Wedding Cake Ever?

There’s a heated debate going on over at a blog called “Cake Wrecks” about whether or not this cake can possibly be “real.” We’re feeling extremely skeptical ourselves, but the blog’s author swears up and down that the pictures came from a real (outraged) bride who really hired a member of the family who was supposed to be a “professional with tons of experience” to make her wedding cake.

7 Ways To Have A Gorgeous And Inexpensive Wedding

7 Ways To Have A Gorgeous And Inexpensive Wedding

Blowing $100,000 on a wedding is still in season, and there’s no better way to show up your over-spending friends than by throwing a lavish affair without bankrupting your parents. Inside, seven tips to have a lovely and affordable wedding.