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Google & Levi’s Will Sell A $350 “Smart” Jean Jacket

Google & Levi’s Will Sell A $350 “Smart” Jean Jacket

There are devices you wear on your wrist or maybe strapped around your arm, but Levi’s and Google have gone a step further in the realm of so-called “wearables” with a jacket that wirelessly connects with the user’s smart phone. [More]


Fitbit Introduced New Models This Fall, And Nobody Wants Them

Fitbit introduced a few new products earlier this year, including a slim swim-proof tracker and an update to its popular Charge model. Only product-watchers saw that the Charge was piling up on store shelves, and the swim-proof tracker, the Flex 2, was in short supply. Now Fitbit predicts that its sales will be way down this holiday season. [More]

Fitbit Looks To Turn Its Fitness Trackers Into Wearable Digital Wallets

Fitbit Looks To Turn Its Fitness Trackers Into Wearable Digital Wallets

When most of us think of wearable fitness trackers, Fitbit is probably the brand that comes to mind, but the growing popularity of multitasking smartwatches from Apple, Samsung and others means Fitbit is eventually going to need to offer more than just health data. So it comes as little surprise that the company is looking toward the future by acquiring mobile payment technology. [More]

They're baaaaaack

Apple Stores To Stop Selling Fitbit Trackers, New Product Photos Leaked

If you’re one of the people who loved the Fitbit Force, but returned the fitness-tracking wristband when you suffered from contact dermatitis or when the product was recalled in the United States, good news. Photos have leaked of a product display for the Force’s rumored replacements, and they look very similar. However, we have bad news if you planned to buy that wristband at your local Apple Store. [More]


LG Introduces House Arrest Wristbands For Small Children

We adults enjoy quantifying our every move with wearable technology like pedometer wristbands and other fitness-tracking gadgets, so why leave our kids out of the fun? Yesterday, LG announced that they’re introducing a wristband for kids that’s a hybrid of a tracking anklet used by the criminal justice system and your child’s first cell phone. [More]

They're baaaaaack

CPSC Working With Fitbit On Mysterious Force Rash Issues

Some users of the new Fitbit Force activity tracker really liked the product. They thought it was just great… right up until ugly patches of contact dermatitis broke out on their wrists. The company announced its own recall, but is simply accepting wristbands back from users who don’t want them enough? [More]

Fitbit Will Keep Supporting Force For Non-Itchy Customers, No Word On Software Upgrades

Fitbit Will Keep Supporting Force For Non-Itchy Customers, No Word On Software Upgrades

By now, you’ve probably heard that Fitbit has issued a recall for its Force wristbands, which caused mysterious and painful contact dermatitis in 1.7% of users. It’s a voluntary recall, and many customers who haven’t experienced any skin rashes are wondering whether they can keep their wristbands if they really like them. The short answer: yes.  [More]

Early Adopter: Using Google Glass Is A Literal Headache

Early Adopter: Using Google Glass Is A Literal Headache

When Google first opened up the possibility of using its Glass face computers, nerds all over the world were excited about the opportunity. They signed up for the Glass Explorers program, which required them to pay $1,500 and not let anyone else even borrow the device. Almost a year later, many of those early adopters are tired of talking to their face computers. [More]