Report: Snapchat Is Working On Some Kind Of Wearable Device

Report: Snapchat Is Working On Some Kind Of Wearable Device

Right now, the very nature of Snapchat is ephemeral: an app that allows users to post or send photo and video messages that will eventually self-destruct. But the company may be moving more into the physical realm, according to a new report that says the software company is looking to expand into hardware with some kind of wearable device. [More]

We sure hope handsome, scruffy bike guy isn't en route to the movies, because he'll have to ditch his pricey specs before the movie starts.

MPAA, Theater Owners Adopt Zero-Tolerance Policy Toward Google Glass

In “who hates Google Glass owners today?” news, the Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners have updated their joint anti-piracy policy to add wearable electronics devices — but really just Google Glass — to the list of verboten items to operate while enjoying that movie you should have just waited to watch on your TV. [More]

This Ring Could Allow The Blind To Read Printed Text Instantly

While Braille and other developments have given visually impaired people access to the written word, not every book, magazine, journal, or important document is available in these forms. But a new wearable device could allow the blind to instantly scan text and have it read aloud to them in real time. [More]