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We Tried It: 4 Ways To Cook A Burger That’s Safe To Eat But Doesn’t Taste Like Leather

For many beef buffs, the idea of a hamburger cooked anything beyond medium rare is blasphemous. Unfortunately, not cooking your ground beef to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit puts you at risk of ingesting bacteria like E. coli or enterococcus, including some strains that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. But does cooking beef to a safe temperature mean you’re doomed to a dry, tasteless hockey puck sandwich? [More]

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We Tried It: The Weird Al Yankovic Namesake Sandwich He Never Knew He Asked For

Odds are that we’ll never get to hang out with Weird Al Yankovic, but if we can’t ever sit down for an extended accordion jam session with the music legend, we’ll always have the next-best thing — a sandwich that puts Weird Al’s oddball spirit between two pieces of bread and piles on a bunch of eggplant, mushrooms, sprouts and other stuff. [More]

We Tried It: Bakin’ Bacon In The Oven

We Tried It: Bakin’ Bacon In The Oven

They say life is hard. Not so, my friends. Not so when you’re tasked with trying a new way to make and subsequently eat bacon. And of course, you’re right — making bacon in the oven isn’t exactly a “new” concept. [More]

We Tried It: “Making Coffee In Your Icebox” Is A Milky Proposition

We Tried It: “Making Coffee In Your Icebox” Is A Milky Proposition

There are innumerable bits of information floating out there on the Internet, some useful, some not so much. How do you sort through the flotsam and jetsam, and separate the detritus from the worthy nuggets? That’s where We Tried It comes in, a new series from Consumerist. It’s when that link your friend posted about that thing stops being a link, and starts getting real*.