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(David Blackwell.)

Hey Look, Someone’s Already Made Beer Out Of Sewage Water

Yesterday we told you about an Oregon water treatment company asking permission from the state to let them demonstrate the potability of their end-product by allowing brewers to use their cleaned-up, recycled water in the making of beer. But it looks like one homebrew enthusiast (and wastewater engineer) in Wisconsin is already doing just that. [More]


Toledo Residents Finally Able To Drink Their Tap Water After Weekend Ban

About 400,000 people living in northwestern Ohio have had to scramble to figure out how to live without tap water for drinking, cooking and bathing since Saturday, when officials warned residents about high levels of the toxin microcystin in Lake Erie’s water. Relief is here: Although earlier today the mayor of Toledo had extended a ban on that tap water for a third day, it’s just been announced that citizens can once again use the water safely. [More]

Beware Scammers Installing City-Mandated "Whole House Water Systems"

Beware Scammers Installing City-Mandated "Whole House Water Systems"

A city in Florida has just warned its residents of a weird scam: someone’s been hanging pink notices on doors around town that say, “Due to the water quality in this area, we will be installing whole-house water treatment systems.” You’re supposed to fill out the back of the notice and leave it out for further contact. Remember, don’t let anyone remodel your home on behalf of the city. It probably goes without saying, but still.