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Netflix’s “My List” Will Decide What You Want To Watch First With Instant Queue Revamp

So you think you know what you want to watch in your Instant Queue on Netflix, huh? Or maybe you added the fourth season of Leave It To Beaver during a particularly nostalgic moment one night after visiting Grandma, and now it’s just sitting there. Unwatched. Unloved. Waiting for its chance to be first in your heart again, if not in your instant queue. Netflix’s new “My List” feature will take care of that. [More]

Can You Stream Netflix Movies At 30,000 Feet?

Can You Stream Netflix Movies At 30,000 Feet?

Not happy with your in-flight entertainment selections? Well, if you have access to onboard WiFi, the folks at say you might be able to stream Netflix films to your iPad or laptop. [More]