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Samsung CEO To Leave Company Over “Unprecedented Crisis”

It hasn’t exactly been a great year for Samsung: The company’s vice chairman was indicted, arrested, and then sentenced to five years in prison in connection to a massive South Korean bribery case, then there were the Galaxy Note 7 and washing machine explosion debacles. Now the CEO of the tech giant’s electronics division is heading for the door amid what he calls an “unprecedented crisis” within the company. [More]

Vanishing Rebate Checks, Canceled Appointments: Stories Of Samsung’s Turbulent Washer Recall

Vanishing Rebate Checks, Canceled Appointments: Stories Of Samsung’s Turbulent Washer Recall

Last November, Samsung recalled nearly 3 million top-loading washing machines amid complaints about violent vibrations, “explosions”, and one broken jaw. The company offered the choice of an in-home repair, a rebate on a new machine, or a complete refund for recently purchased machines. That was nearly four months ago, but a number of Samsung washer owners tells us they’ve been frustrated with whichever option they selected. [More]


Why Is Samsung Sending A Dish Network Tech To Fix My Washing Machine?

The mechanic at your local garage might also be savvy enough to fix your furnace, but you probably wouldn’t expect the furnace company to send her out to your house to do a recall-related repair. So why is Samsung sending out Dish Network techs to fix defective Samsung washing machines? And why is Dish okay with techs using this opportunity to upsell satellite TV service? [More]


Are You Having Trouble Getting Your Recalled Samsung Washer Fixed? Tell Us About It

Late last year, Samsung announced its second major recall in less than a year by calling back more than 2.8 million top-loading washing machines after customers complained about violent, almost explosive vibrations. While the company promised to fix the devices or provide refunds to owners, three months later, things apparently haven’t gone as planned, leading to a class-action seeking lawsuit. To that end, we’d like to hear from people who have experienced problems with Samsung’s recall process. [More]


Owner Of Recalled Samsung Washer Sues Over Inadequate, Incomplete Fix

Last November, after several owners of Samsung washing machines complained about violent, almost explosive, vibrations, Samsung recalled nearly 3 million machines, promising to fix the devices or provide folks with refunds. Now, three months later, the company is on the receiving end of a potential class action after one customer says Samsung’s multiple attempts to fix his machine have failed. [More]

Louis Abate

Would You Pay To Wash Your Clothes At Someone Else’s House?

Not that long ago, you might have bristled at the notion of paying a stranger to chauffeur you around town in the back of their car, or that you could easily rent out the extra room in your house like a hotel. Is turning your laundry room into a laundromat the next step? [More]


Amid Complaints Of Exploding Samsung Washing Machines, Safety Agency Says To Use Delicate Cycle

Some owners of Samsung top-loading washing machines say their appliances exploded while in normal use. Now, federal safety regulators have confirmed they are looking into the matter and are advising Samsung owners on the best way to avoid the potential problem.

Maytag Has Given Me 3 Weeks Of Dirty Clothing

Maytag Has Given Me 3 Weeks Of Dirty Clothing

Nick bought a Maytag washer, but it’s the ever-broken, un-repaired appliance that’s come to own him. He says he’s gone back and forth with the company and has been promised replacement parts and cash back to defray the cost of doing laundry, but has instead been put through the spin cycle.