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4 Things We Learned From Costco CEO Craig Jelinek

Costco warehouse stores are big, gray, and decidedly un-sexy, but that has not stopped the wholesale club from attracting shoppers, including some who talk to their friends about Costco the same way you might talk about must-read book.  [More]

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Costco Officially Switches From AmEx To Visa Today

It’s officially out with the old and in with the new at Costco today, as the company closes the book on its 16-year relationship with American Express in exchange for its new deal with Citi Visa.  [More]

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Lawsuit: Target Failed To Pay New York Warehouse Workers Overtime

A group of Target warehouse employees in New York filed a class-action seeking lawsuit against the retailer, accusing the company of misclassifying workers with low-level management responsibilities so they wouldn’t receive overtime pay.  [More]

Supreme Court Takes On Amazon Warehouse Workers’ Case Over Unpaid Time

Supreme Court Takes On Amazon Warehouse Workers’ Case Over Unpaid Time

Should warehouse workers have to spend their own free time waiting for security procedures after their work shift is done, or should companies like Amazon have them on the clock during that process? Amazon workers have been fighting to collect pay for that time spent in line waiting for security checks, and the United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear their case. [More]

Target Testing "Warehouse Club" Style Deals

Target Testing "Warehouse Club" Style Deals

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune says Target is testing out “warehouse” style deals in space usually used for seasonal merchandise. Examples mentioned include: “supersize jugs of laundry detergent “;”bulk-size packages of batteries”;”bins of $1 neon-colored flip flops,” and “packs of athletic socks for $7.”