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Some Costco Shoppers Can Now Get Groceries Delivered

To some Costco customers, part of the experience of being a member of the warehouse club is going to the store, filling your huge cart up with everything from slabs of steak to blue jeans (and maybe nibbling on some free samples). But surely some shoppers just want the Costco products without having to actually go to Costco. [More]

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Costco Raising Membership Fees Starting In June

As predicted earlier this year, it was about time for Costco to do it’s once-every-five-years-or-so price increase on membership fees, and we were right. The warehouse club has confirmed a 10% cost increase for most of its members. [More]


The Price Of Your Costco Membership May Be Going Up By 10% This Year

Costco-watching industry analysts say that members of the popular warehouse store should prepare themselves for a possible hike of as much as 10% to the cost of their annual membership at some point in the coming year. [More]

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This Woman Is On A Mission To Stop At Costco Stores In Every U.S. State That Has Them

Do you have a Costco store in your state? It may soon get a visit from a dedicated Costco devotee who’s on a solo road trip around the country right now, in an effort to check out a Costco store in every state that has one. [More]


Households Don’t Have Warehouse Club Memberships, They Do Have Amazon Prime

It used to be that a warehouse club membership was a necessity for suburban families: depending on where they lived, they might belong to BJ’s, Costco, or Sam’s Club, or some combination of the three. Yet while warehouse club membership has stayed pretty steady over the last few years, membership in Amazon Prime has increased instead. [More]

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New Sam’s Club Stores Let Customers Scan Purchases With Phone, Avoid Cashiers

New Sam’s Club stores have a useful feature for people who are in a hurry, or who dislike human interaction. Instead of taking your cart to a cashier at the end of your shopping trip, you can scan items with your mobile phone before putting them in your cart, then check out on your phone as well. [More]

Sam’s Club Takes Advantage Of Costco Credit Card Problems, Invites Members To Visit

Sam’s Club Takes Advantage Of Costco Credit Card Problems, Invites Members To Visit

Hey, are you a Costco member? Are you annoyed with their switch to only accepting Visa cards, and the problematic transition to the Costco Anywhere Visa? Competitor Sam’s Club has a solution for you: come check out their warehouse club, where all major credit cards are welcome. Even if that’s a pretty recent development. Sam’s is welcoming Costco card holders to enter the store and browse (but not to shop without buying their own membership) through July 4. [More]

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Costco Expected To Raise Membership Fees By 10% Sometime In The Next Year

The cost of a yearly Costco membership could be going up in the near future: according to analysts at UBS, the retailer is probably going to raise prices by 10% by late this year or early 2017. [More]


BJ’s Introduces Pick Up And Pay Service For People Who Dislike Walking Around Warehouse Clubs

Do you like shopping at a warehouse club, but don’t like the experience of actually walking around inside a warehouse club? BJ’s Wholesale Club is following the not-especially-hot trend of in-store pickup, allowing members to pick up online orders at their local club. They have to go fetch any perishable grocery items themselves, though. [More]

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Costco Vs. Sam’s Club: Which Warehouse Club Should You Choose?

When it comes time to consider joining a national warehouse club, there are basically two choices facing consumers: Costco or Sam’s Club. Both offer to deliver big savings on not only groceries, but on everything from electronics and clothing to cars and home mortgages. So which one should the discerning shopper choose? [More]

Maybe Warehouse Clubs Have Influenced Our Shopping Even More Than E-Commerce

Maybe Warehouse Clubs Have Influenced Our Shopping Even More Than E-Commerce

Americans’ shopping habits have changed somewhat over the last few decades, but that’s not necessarily because of e-commerce. Two economists at the University of Chicago argue that the rise of warehouse clubs is what has really changed Americans’ shopping habits and the retailscape. [More]

Jet.com Opens To The Public Today, Discounts More If You Buy More Stuff And Waive Returns

Jet.com Opens To The Public Today, Discounts More If You Buy More Stuff And Waive Returns

It’s easy to compare Jet, an e-commerce site that held its virtual grand opening today, to Amazon. The startup wants to be compared to and compete with Amazon: its founder’s last venture, Quidsi, sold household goods through the sites diapers.com, soap.com, and wag.com, and ended up acquired by Amazon. [More]

BJ’s Is Just Daring You To Move This Question Mark

BJ’s Is Just Daring You To Move This Question Mark

According to the warehouse club’s handbook for new employees, BJ’s is named for Beverly Jean Weich, the daughter of the company’s first president. That was in 1984, so it’s not like nobody knew that the name had a possible secondary meaning other than “a person with the initials B.J.” Right? Josh really questions the wisdom of the company’s new slogan. [More]

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Amazon Going After Costco, Sam’s Club With ‘Pantry’ Bulk-Buying Service

For years, Amazon has been selling certain household goods, like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and cereal, that are the bread-and-butter for warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club, but the online retailer has had trouble competing because of the shipping costs. That may change next year with the reported launch of something called Pantry. [More]


Sam’s Club Takes Back Ancient Desk Chair, Delights Customer

People come in different shapes and sizes, and companies make products to fit us. Well, the products are supposed to. Reader Chris got a wonderful desk chair designed for people who are, as he puts it, “big and tall” for Christmas. Christmas 2011. When it broke, he was stuck: surely the warranty was up and the retailer wouldn’t take it back. Right? [More]


Why Does Everyone Love Costco So Much?

There aren’t a lot of shining successes in American’s most recent recession, but one company that has done well and even managed to grow is Costco. Why is that? The traditional wisdom is that customers love the prices and selection: for Consumerist readers, it’s also the return policy and the warranty extension. What’s the deal with why we love Costco so much? [More]

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BJ’s Apologizes For Crappy Pecan Pie That We Never Complained About

Jonathan’s family bought a pre-made pecan pie for one of the winter holidays…Christmas, Thanksgiving, something like that. He doesn’t even remember. The pie wasn’t all that great, but the family didn’t think to complain to BJ’s about it. They had other things to do during the holidays. So they were surprised when they received a coupon in the mail for a free replacement pie, along with a letter apologizing for the poor quality of the pecan pie. [More]

Sam’s Club Offers Great Thanksgiving Week Deals, Abruptly Cancels Orders

Sam’s Club Offers Great Thanksgiving Week Deals, Abruptly Cancels Orders

Is Sam’s Club the new Best Buy? Last year, Best Buy canceled orders for many of their hottest doorbusters just before Christmas, leaving customers sad and giftless. If that’s Sam’s Club’s plan, at least they’re operating on a shorter timeline before canceling their hottest deals. Readers report to us that Sam’s sold and then canceled these deals all in the space of Thanksgiving weekend.