Mike Mozart

Report: Walmart In Talks To Buy Jet.com

Just a year after it launched, Amazon challenger and fellow e-commerce site Jet.com could soon become the property of one of the largest bricks-and-mortar retailers in the world: Walmart.  [More]

Soon Koon

Walmart Employees Charged With Manslaughter In February Death Of Shoplifting Suspect

How seriously should retailers take loss prevention? Back in February, a Florida man in his 60s filled a cart with DVDs in the wee hours of the morning, What was different from most incidents was that store employees chased him and pinned him to the ground until police arrived. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital, and police are done investigating the incident, charging the three employees who chased and restrained him with manslaughter. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Administer Antibiotics To Your Windows Vista PC Now

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Administer Antibiotics To Your Windows Vista PC Now

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are the brave mall explorers who scour the nation’s clearance racks for the most comically overpriced retail antiquities. Here are some of their latest discoveries. [More]


Dogs Left In Running Car Shift It Into Drive, Plow Into A Walmart

A dog owner in West Virginia did what she probably thought was the responsible thing while out with her pets, leaving them in the car with the engine running while she was inside Walmart. However, in one of the best arguments against automatic transmissions that we’ve ever seen, the dogs shifted the car and drove it very slowly into the outside of the store. [More]

Mark Clifton

Dollar General Buys 41 Closed Walmart Express Store Locations

Earlier this year, Walmart put an end to its Walmart Express experiment, shuttering all 102 of the smaller-format stores,  some of which had been opened for less than a year. But not all of these locations will remain vacant, with Dollar General deciding to open up shop in dozens of former Express stores. [More]


Walmart Shoplifter Uses Scooter To Fight Off Employee, Make Getaway

Those electric scooters at Walmart aren’t just for shopping. They can also apparently be used to shoplift, shake off store employees, and make a clean, if slow, getaway.


Man Arrested For Allegedly Planting Chemical Weapon At California Walmart

A little more than a month after police in Oxnard, CA found a chemical weapon inside a Walmart store, officials say they’ve arrested a 31-year-old man accused of putting it there. [More]

Walmart Piloting Program To Sell “Ugly Produce” At A Discount

Walmart Piloting Program To Sell “Ugly Produce” At A Discount

Not every apple is a shiny, smooth round orb of deliciousness. Some come with little dents or a few off-colored spots, but that doesn’t make those pieces of produce any less delicious. Still, you might be hard pressed to find those imperfect apples, pears, tomatoes, peppers, and other fruits and vegetables at your local store. That’s about to change for some Walmart customers, though.  [More]


Walmart Encourages Suppliers To Remove 8 Controversial Chemicals From Products

Walmart has a huge amount of power over which products end up on the market. The mega-retailer is now encouraging suppliers to remove eight chemicals from their products. The substances aren’t banned, exactly, but suppliers will have to discolose their presence on any products containing them starting in two years. The list consisted of substances which may be harmful to people, to the environment, or to both. [More]


Why Does Walmart Think That Its Payment App Will Be Such A Hit?

Walmart hasn’t signed on to accept any mobile payment platforms, including dominant Android Pay and Apple Day. It was one of the merchants behind the now-dormant CurrentC payment app, and launched its own barcode-based payment service tied to customer accounts on the retailer’s website. While the company claims that their goal is to provide a unified Walmart experience, why isn’t it also willing to let customers use the mobile payment app that they already have? [More]

Customers Literally Rally Around Displaced Walmart Greeter With Cerebral Palsy

Customers Literally Rally Around Displaced Walmart Greeter With Cerebral Palsy

A few months ago, Walmart announced that it was bringing the greeter position back to all stores, and that the job in more busy locations would change. People standing at the doors would have more responsibilities in addition to greeting customers and checking receipts, and their new title would be “customer host,” with yellow vests to make them easier to spot. At least one longtime greeter reports that the change means that he lost his job. [More]

Walmart Responds To Amazon Prime Day By Offering Free Shipping For All Orders

Walmart Responds To Amazon Prime Day By Offering Free Shipping For All Orders

On the eve of Amazon’s second annual Prime Day sale, Walmart is once again trying to play spoiler. The nation’s largest retailer announced this morning that it is dropping shipping fees for all online orders this week.


Walmart Taking Its Proprietary Mobile Payment App Nationwide

Two months ago, Walmart took its mobile payment app, the logically named Walmart Pay, live in 590 stores in its home state of Arkansas and in the neighboring state of Texas. The test apparently went well: the retailer is bringing the app to customers in the rest of the country as of today. [More]

Mike Mozart

Visa Sues Walmart In Response To Lawsuit Over Security Of Debit Card Authorizations

Last month, Walmart sued Visa, accusing the card network of pushing the retailer to use a less-secure method of verifying debit card transactions. Now Visa is firing back with a lawsuit of its own, claiming the nation’s largest retailer is violating its contract by setting up payment terminals so that they can only accept the more secure form of validation.  [More]

Perhaps You Would Like To Try A 30-Day Trial Of Walmart’s 2-Day Shipping Service

Perhaps You Would Like To Try A 30-Day Trial Of Walmart’s 2-Day Shipping Service

Walmart’s ShippingPass service has always been intended as a competitor for Amazon’s Prime membership, and now the program has formally launched to the public. After recently cutting down its shipping window to two days to match its competitor, Walmart is celebrating the public opening by matching Amazon in another way: by offering a 30-day free trial, perhaps hoping that shoppers will come to depend on the service and never want to leave. [More]

Lawmakers Want Answers On Walmart Prepaid Card Glitch That Left Thousands Without Funds

Lawmakers Want Answers On Walmart Prepaid Card Glitch That Left Thousands Without Funds

When a prepared credit card system goes down, millions of unbanked American lose their ability to access funds needed to pay bills, buy groceries, and make other purchases. This scenario was illustrated last month when customers using Walmart-branded Green Dot prepaid debit cards said they had been stranded without their funds for several days, and in some cases weeks. Now, a pair of lawmakers wants to understand the debacle better and work to prevent something similar from happening again.  [More]

Walmart Still Reportedly Misusing “Made In U.S.A” Labels

Walmart Still Reportedly Misusing “Made In U.S.A” Labels

The Federal Trade Commission may have dropped its probe into Walmart’s misuse of “Made in U.S.A.” labeling last fall, but an advertising watchdog group says a more recent analysis of the retailer’s website found it continues to label products with the designation even though they were manufactured in other countries.  [More]

Steve Swain

Kroger Accuses Visa Of Using Threats To Force Supermarkets To Accept Less Secure Debit Cards

Another week, another large retailer accusing Visa of forcing stores to accept debit cards in a way that it is not as secure as it could be — and which will cost the retailer more money to process. [More]