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Alaska Airlines Might Not Drop Virgin America Name After Merger

Two months after Alaska Airlines put $4 billion on the table and bought up Virgin America, the soon-to-be fifth largest airline operating in the U.S. is spilling the beans — kind of — about its future, and that might include keeping the recently purchased carrier’s name.  [More]

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Airline Performance Slips; Virgin America Named No. 1 For Third Time In Annual Airline Survey

Many consumers have a love-hate relationship with airlines: We love that they get us from point A to point B faster than a car, but we hate all the little fees, the inevitable delays and the occasional lost bag. It looks like all that hate once again won out, as this year’s Airline Quality Rating Survey found performance declined across all customer-focused categories just a year after the industry’s best scores in 25 years. The only carryover from the hopeful 2013 report was Virgin America’s ranking as top airline for the third consecutive year.  [More]


Virgin America Flight Diverted After Passenger Masturbates, Tries To Open Exit Door

A Virgin America flight from Boston to Los Angeles had to stop in Nebraska on the way. Because while self-love is perfectly acceptable and healthy, it should not be attempted on a plane full of people, and followed by an attempt to exit out the emergency door. You know, planes being public and in the air and all. [More]

CarMax, Virgin America, Others Ditching L.A. Clippers Over Owner’s Alleged Racist Comments

CarMax, Virgin America, Others Ditching L.A. Clippers Over Owner’s Alleged Racist Comments

If we learned anything from Deengate last year, it’s that if people don’t like what you’re allegedly saying, big companies will no doubt cut ties and run in order to avoid as much of the fallout as possible. Joining Paula Deen and others before her in the rejected corporate sponsorships arena is the L.A. Clippers, whose owner Don Sterling has been accused of making racist comments. [More]


Virgin America Flight Attendant’s Safety Demo Shows That He Can Kick A Lot Higher Than You

The fascination — if there’s any to be had — with airlines’ safety demonstrations wears off pretty much during the first 30 seconds the first time you hear one. And then once you’ve been through one safety demo, you’ve been through them all. At least, until you’re faced with a high-kicking, dancing and strutting Virgin America flight attendant. [More]

Virgin America Setting Up In-Flight Social Networking To Connect Flying Strangers

Virgin America Setting Up In-Flight Social Networking To Connect Flying Strangers

For those of you who not only can’t stand to be separated from some form of social networking for even a second but also have a burning desire to connect with strangers, Virgin America has got just the thing for you. The airline is teaming with a location-aware social app to boost in-flight networking, even with people not currently in the same airplane as you. [More]


Expedia, United Blame Each Other For $200 Change Fee For Passenger Stuck In LAX During Shootout

The recent tragic shootings at Los Angeles International put parts of one of the world’s largest airports on lockdown for several hours, resulting in rescheduled and canceled flights for many travelers. Given the extenuating and unique circumstances, one would think that airlines and hotels would have some level of understanding and not hit people with huge fees, and yet… [More]


Which Airlines Have The Most WiFi-Enabled Flights?

By now, most of us are used to having Internet access wherever we go, but a majority of flights by the major U.S. airlines still don’t offer in-flight WiFi access to passengers. And your likelihood of finding WiFi on a plane all depends on which airline you’re flying on that day. [More]

Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza believes a low price is the same as good customer service.

Spirit Airlines Comes In Dead Last In Latest Ratings, CEO Still Delusional

Earlier today, our lunch buddies at Consumer Reports released their roundup of the major U.S.-based commercial airlines. And, in what will be a shock to almost no one who follows the travel industry, Spirit received the lowest possible rating in each of the survey’s six categories. The CEO’s response: “We have great customer service.” [More]


Passenger Sues Virgin America After Contentious Soda Order Gets Him Detained At Airport

What began as a dispute about ordering an in-flight soda apparently got to the point where the crew on a Virgin America jet felt that a passenger needed to be questioned by authorities upon landing. Now that passenger has sued the airline, alleging that Virgin America made false accusations about his behavior. [More]


Virgin America Soars Above The Rest In Annual Airline Survey While United Sinks To The Bottom

Every day, airlines shuttle passengers from here to there, through friendly (and not so friendly) skies, ferrying bags and losing luggage and touching down at airports all around the country. Some of those airlines are consistently a cut above the rest, while others just can’t seem to do anything right. According to this year’s Airline Quality Rating Survey, Virgin America is the cream of the crop while United Airlines is a long, long way from the top.



DOT Issued Record-Setting Number Of Violations To Airlines In 2012

Up until the very end of 2012, it looked like the Dept. of Transportation was only going to tie the record it set in 2011 for the number of fines handed out to airlines. But a pair of Dec. 31 violations pushed 2012 into a spot on top of the charts all on its own. [More]

Virgin America Anniversary Flight From Hell

Virgin America Anniversary Flight From Hell

Adam is writing in to say that in the year that Virgin America has been operating, he feels that they’ve forgotten how to run their airline. The first time he flew with them, his flight was delayed and his laptop adapter melted. He got a free flight. The second time he flew, about a year later, his flight was delayed, the airline ran out of food, his luggage was ripped open and his valuables disappeared, and the baggage claim rep laughed at his misfortune.

“Stupid” Law Prevents Foreign Investors From “Owning” US Airlines

“Stupid” Law Prevents Foreign Investors From “Owning” US Airlines

Slate magazine’s Daniel Gross makes the case that the law prohibiting foreigners from owning more than 25 percent of an American airline, is not only “stupid” but rooted in “misplaced hostility to foreigners, national-security paranoia, and plain-old protectionism.” He claims the law is obsolete * (the Federal Aviation Act was created in 1938 1958 (the Civil Aeronautics Act was created in 1938) and damaging to consumers.