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Video Makers Unhappy With Facebook’s Slow Response To Allegedly Pirated Videos

Chances are you’ve seen a few of those popular, captivating videos on Facebook — you know, the ones of the cooking demonstrations or the science experiments. While those videos can be fun for you to watch, they’re often part of a longer video that was posted somewhere else first. And the creators behind them don’t enjoy seeing them repurposed by someone else.  [More]

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YouTube’s Video Views Counter Will No Longer Get Stuck At 301+

Gone are the days of the baffling “301+” views on popular YouTube videos: the company says it’s rolling out an updated view counter, and will no longer strand videos with rapidly climbing views to the 301 limbo.


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Video Of Confused Lady At Gas Station Leads To Useful Driving Tip

It’s not often that a viral video that gives you giggle fits leads to learning an actual useful piece of information, but it does happen sometimes. Today’s important lesson: how to determine which side of an unfamiliar car the gas tank is on before you park on the wrong side of the pump and make an idiot of yourself. [More]

Rejected Marriage Proposal At Baseball Game Just A Publicity Stunt

Surely you’ve asked yourself when seeing a flashy public marriage proposal, “what would happen if the person being asked said ‘no?'” The marketing peeps over at baseball’s minor-league New Britain Rock Cats wondered the same thing. So they staged a fake proposal during a fan trivia contest to find out how the crowd would react…and to get the video shared far and wide. [More]

At This Point Old Spice Is Just Trying To Out Weird Itself With "Believe In Your Smellf" Campaign

At This Point Old Spice Is Just Trying To Out Weird Itself With "Believe In Your Smellf" Campaign

One trend in need of dying that we pointed out during last year’s Worst Ad In America contest was the attempt to copy Old Spice’s successful, hilarious ads featuring manly man Isaiah Mustafa. But does it count as copying if it’s Old Spice trying to out weird itself, or just another attempt to achieve bizarre viral video status? In this new offering from Old Spice, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings* stars in an uplifting tale encouraging men to “believe in your smellf.” Just in time for the NFL regular season start tonight, to boot.


Is Youtube's "Wii Fit Underwear Girl" Actually A Marketing Campaign?

Is Youtube's "Wii Fit Underwear Girl" Actually A Marketing Campaign?

Nintendo is facing accusations that a popular Youtube video is nothing more than a viral-video marketing campaign for the Wii Fit, reports The Telegraph. The video, quite simply, features a young woman using a virtual hula-hoop in her underwear. What separates it from other videos is that the 2 people in the video have both been identified as employees of the same advertising company. Nintendo denies the allegations. The video and details, inside…

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