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Netflix Planning Social Features For 2013 Now That Legal Roadblock Is Almost Cleared

These days you can connect just about anything you do on the Internet to various social networks, namely Facebook, but until just recently Netflix was left out of that oversharing club. Starting in 2013, however, Netflix is planning on rolling out some new social features now that a legal obstacle is one signature away from being overcome. Congress just passed a bill that removes restrictions on companies from sharing customer video rental history, and it just needs President Obama’s autograph. [More]

Netflix Pays Out $9M To Settle Privacy Violation Suit

A 1988 law continues to be the “buffering” in Netflix’s success stream. The Video Privacy Protection Act, which forbids movie rental companies from sharing customers’ rental history, is not only stopping Netflix from integrating movie-streaming with Facebook in the U.S., but has cost the company $9 million to settle a class-action lawsuit. [More]