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Jon Fingas

Sony Adding (Some) PS4 Games To PlayStation Now Streaming Library

A few weeks after Microsoft announced it would offer a new monthly subscription that includes access to downloadable Xbox games, rival Sony says it’s expanding its PlayStation Now library to include some PlayStation 4 titles. [More]


Nintendo Doesn’t Think Switch Devices With Dead Pixels Are Defective

If you spend $300 on a new gaming device, you’d hope that it wouldn’t come out of the box with dead pixels that will remain a constant visual annoyance for the lifespan of the device. You’d probably call such a product “defective,” but the folks at Nintendo would disagree.. [More]

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Nintendo Switch Cartridges Taste Awful So Kids Won’t Eat Them

While it’s baffling to imagine any rational adult intentionally deciding to lick a video game cartridge, a few gamers doing just that with Nintendo Switch cartridges were surprised to find the things taste absolutely awful. Turns out, that’s for a very good reason. [More]

Xbox Launching $10 Monthly Subscription To Library Of 100+ Downloadable Games

Xbox Launching $10 Monthly Subscription To Library Of 100+ Downloadable Games

Times used to be, a video game player’s library might have been limited to as many piles of cartridges or discs as they could fit at home. But as consumers turn to digital libraries for everything from movies and TV to music, it only makes sense that the gaming industry would follow a similar path. That’s why Microsoft is launching a new monthly subscription service that gives users access to more than 100 downloadable games from its legacy catalog. [More]

Jason Cook

Like That Game You’re Watching On Twitch? Amazon Will Now Sell It To You There

More than a year and a half after spending nearly $1 billion to acquire game-focused livestreaming service Twitch, Amazon’s finally doing something you’d have expected them to try sooner: Putting big “Buy” buttons on streams of some new games, so you can grab ’em while you’re watching ’em. [More]

Pokemon Go To Add Over 80 New Critters, Some New Features

Pokemon Go To Add Over 80 New Critters, Some New Features

Pokémon Go was an all-ages breakout mobile game hit in the summer of 2016, and it kept on existing even after it was no longer in the headlines. This morning, there was good news for lapsed and loyal players: The game is introducing more than 80 new species of critters, adding more in-game boosts, wardrobe options for players’ avatars, and items that will help players direct the evolution of their Pokémon. [More]

Video Of Real-World ‘Portal’ Shows Off Possibilities For Microsoft HoloLens

Video Of Real-World ‘Portal’ Shows Off Possibilities For Microsoft HoloLens

If you have doubt about the entertainment potential for augmented reality headsets like Microsoft’s HoloLens, this video from developer who recreated the mechanics of the popular Portal video games in AR may give you something to believe in. [More]

Mike Mozart

Your GameStop Said New Copies Of That Game You Want Are Out Of Stock… Are They?

As Wells Fargo rather spectacularly demonstrated in recent months, putting too much pressure on employees to notch up a certain kind of sale can lead to a perverse incentive: Employees who need to keep their jobs may try increasingly underhanded things just to meet an impossible metric. This week, a report suggests that the latest set of employees who might be lying through their face to you just to keep their jobs are the ones selling video games. [More]

RIP: Arcade Pioneer & “Father Of Pac-Man” Masaya Nakamura

RIP: Arcade Pioneer & “Father Of Pac-Man” Masaya Nakamura

The man responsible for millions of people spending millions of hours glued to video games has gone to that glowing maze in the sky: Masaya Nakamura, founder of the Japanese video game company behind Pac-Man, passed away last week at the age of 91. [More]

Target Math Makes Bulk Purchases Of Soap And Apple Juice More Expensive

Target Math Makes Bulk Purchases Of Soap And Apple Juice More Expensive

We buy in bulk to make things cheaper, right? No, that’s not how things always work. Sometimes you’re better off buying multiples of a smaller package to get the best price per unit. For some reason, this problem is especially prevalent at Target, leading us to call it “Target Math.” [More]

Man Steals $5M From Employer, Spends $1M Playing ‘Game Of War’ On His Phone

Man Steals $5M From Employer, Spends $1M Playing ‘Game Of War’ On His Phone

What would you do if you’d just stolen millions from your employer? First of all, don’t do that. You could light $1 million of it on fire immediately, or, you could spend it playing Game Of War on your phone. [More]

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Best Buy Workers Give Wii U To Teen Who Visited Nearly Every Day To Play Video Games

’Tis the season when we’re happy to hear stories of big-hearted folks out there among all the Grinches, people who take it upon themselves to make a stranger’s holiday merry and bright. Like the Best Buy employees in New York who bought a Wii U for a teenager who visited almost every day to play Smash Bros. at the store. [More]

Why Can’t You Play ‘Super Mario Run’ Offline?

Why Can’t You Play ‘Super Mario Run’ Offline?

You may be excited to buy Super Mario Run to play on your iPhone or iPad come next week, but when you do, you’ll have to make sure you’ve got an internet connection first. [More]

Katherine McAdoo

Voice Actors Go On Strike Against 11 Major Video Game Publishers

After failing to come to terms with a coalition of 11 video game companies, including big names like Electronic Arts and Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., thousands of voice-over actors are now officially on strike. [More]


Video Games Could Be A Lot Quieter If Voice Actors Go On Strike

Along with intense graphics and dramatic sound effects, the human voices of video game characters are vital to the gaming experience. But the voices behind some many popular video game titles may soon fall silent as they prepare to go on strike if their union’s demands aren’t met soon. [More]

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Google Play Will Let Shoppers Try Video Games For 10 Minutes Before Buying

Sometimes, a video game might have gotten great reviews and heck, it might look really fun, but for whatever reason, you’re just not loving it, and regret having spent money on it. In an effort to ward off buyer’s remorse, Google Play will now let customers play some video game titles for 10 minutes before they decide whether or not to buy them. [More]


Supreme Court Won’t Hear Arguments On Possible Pay For NCAA Athletes

Nearly exactly a year after a federal appeals court ruled that the NCAA’s amateurs-only requirement violates federal antitrust laws — while simultaneously shutting down a plan to pay certain college athletes for their work — the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to not hear any further appeals in this dispute. [More]

Laurie Pink

Video Game Maker Thanks Pirates For Playing, Offers Discount

Kill them with kindness, that appears to be the motto for a video game company after it found links to some of its games posted for free on Reddit.  [More]