The 1913 report on vice in Portland resulted in this map assigning a different color to varying degrees of immorality at hotels, apartments, and boarding houses.  Click image to enlarge. (via

101 Years Ago, Someone Mapped The Morals Of Portland, Building-By-Building

Long before there were interactive police blotter maps, or even funny maps labeling neighborhoods with tags like “Yuppies with Puppies” or “Bars You’re Too Old To Go To,” the city of Portland (the one on the upper-left of the map) actually plotted out which rental homes, hotels, and apartment buildings had been investigated and deemed to be “moral,” “immoral,” or “doubtful.” [More]

Vice Costs More Money Than Money That Exists

Vice Costs More Money Than Money That Exists

Cigarettes costs society $167 billion dollars a year in health costs and lost productivity. Sweet liquid bread costs us $185 billion dollars a year. McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s? $115 billion. And indulging in carnivorism alone costs over $1 trillion a year. The tab of costs to our economy, according to research by various interests groups, is truly astronomical.