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Ford Recalls 441,000 Vehicles Over Fire Risk, Door Latch Issues

Driving a car that is on fire or that has doors popping open is impressive, but not recommended. For that reason, you should be aware of Ford’s latest recalls. [More]


Walmart To Start Selling Cars At Dozens Of Stores

It was just a matter of time: More than a year after Walmart-owned Sam’s Club began selling customers cars, taking on Costco’s long-running auto program, and with Amazon dipping its toes into the industry, Walmart is finally following suit.  [More]

Report: Fiat Chrysler Facing Criminal Probe Over Use Of Supposed “Defeat Devices”

Report: Fiat Chrysler Facing Criminal Probe Over Use Of Supposed “Defeat Devices”

In a week where Volkswagen and Takata both entered guilty pleas to criminal wrongdoing as part of settlements with federal prosecutors, the Department of Justice has reportedly opened a new investigation against Fiat Chrysler for its alleged failure to disclose so-called “defeat devices” in 100,000 vehicles. [More]

Fiat Chrysler Brands & Vehicles Make Poor Showing In Latest Owner Satisfaction Survey

Fiat Chrysler Brands & Vehicles Make Poor Showing In Latest Owner Satisfaction Survey

There are dozens of car, truck, SUV, and minivan brands to choose from, but one carmaker is bringing up the rear in the latest owner satisfaction survey from our colleagues at Consumer Reports.  [More]

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Report: Volkswagen Settlement Over 3-Liter Vehicles Could Add $1B To “Dieselgate” Tab

Volkswagen has already agreed to pay $15 billion to settle a large portion of its “dieselgate” scandal, so what’s another $1 billion? That figure could reportedly be added to the carmaker’s tab as part of a settlement concerning so-called “defeat devices” on thousands of 3-liter vehicles not covered by the company’s earlier settlement with federal regulators.  [More]


Proposed Safety Rule Would Require Cars Be Able To “Talk” To Each Other

The U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed a new rule that would mandate vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) on all new cars, saying the technology has enormous potential to reduce crashes and possibly save lives. [More]

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Hacker’s Company Handing Out Code That Can Turn Any Car Into A Self-Driving Vehicle

Does making a product free mean you don’t have to answer to authorities who might come knocking later? One experienced hacker seems to think his startup can avoid liability while giving away code for a software kit to convert cars into self-driving vehicles. [More]

Volvo Launches Concierge Service To Fill Up, Wash Vehicles On Demand

Volvo Launches Concierge Service To Fill Up, Wash Vehicles On Demand

Owning a car means you have to wash it, take it in for needed maintenance, and of course fill it with gas if you want to actually go anywhere. But those pesky chores no longer have to be part of the equation if you own a Volvo.  [More]


All Ferarri Cars Will Be Hybrids By End Of Decade

If you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a vehicle, you probably aren’t too concerned about how much gas will set you back. But if you are, and you’re worried about the environment, you’ll have another hybrid option in a few years: Ferrari announced Tuesday that it will sell only hybrid vehicles in three years.  [More]

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Fiat Chrysler Recalls 257K Vehicles Over Airbag, Fire Risks

Fiat Chrysler hasn’t exactly been having a great year when it comes to vehicle safety and recalls — from cars that tend to roll away because of confusing gear shifts to a slew of vehicles with airbag issues. Those woes continued today as the carmaker announced two separate recalls — totaling more than 257,000 vehicles — involving airbags that might not deploy and wiring issues that could cause a fire. [More]


Report: Apple Taking A Big Step Back From Electric Car Plans

A little over a year ago, Apple was speeding up its quest to join the electric car market, announcing that it hoped to have a vehicle ready by 2019. Fast forward to today, and the company is reportedly putting the brakes on that plan. [More]

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Lexus Owners Say Update Bricked Cars’ Navigation Systems

Just like your phone or computer, your web-connected car needs to get the occasional software update. Most of these system tweaks happen quietly without too much interruption to your life, but occasionally one goes wrong and you end up with a Lexus with navigation and infotainment systems that can’t be used because they are stuck in a reboot loop. [More]


Report: Carmakers Continue To Equip Vehicles With Defective Takata Airbags

Fourteen automakers have recalled nearly 40 million vehicles equipped with more than 80 million defective Takata airbags that can deploy with enough force to shoot pieces of shrapnel at drivers and passengers, leading to 10 deaths in the U.S. and hundreds of injuries. While the Japanese parts maker, federal regulators, and carmakers have worked to replace these dangerous safety devices, a new report reveals that at least four carmakers continue to equip new vehicles with affected airbags.  [More]

Mitsubishi Admits Falsifying Fuel Data On Some Vehicles For Nearly 25 Years

Mitsubishi Admits Falsifying Fuel Data On Some Vehicles For Nearly 25 Years

Automaker Mitsubishi recently admitted to fudging fuel mileage data for more than 600,000 vehicles sold in Japan, leading to an ongoing probe by U.S. regulators. Those investigators may now have a lot more paperwork to sift through, after Mitsubishi’s latest revelation. [More]

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Ford Recalls 48,300 Vehicles Over Fire Hazard, Airbag Deployment Issues

Incorrectly positioned airbags, heaters that can cause a fire, and parking brakes that can fail. Those are three things you probably don’t want to occur in your vehicle. But for thousands of Ford owners it’s a possibility and the carmaker has issued three recalls to fix things.  [More]


FBI To Carmakers, Owners: Your Vehicles Are “Increasingly Vulnerable” To Hackings

Nearly a year after the very public hacking of a Jeep that eventually led to the recall of more than 1.4 million Fiat Chrysler vehicles, federal law enforcement and vehicles safety officials are warning carmakers and owners that their vehicles are “increasingly vulnerable” to hackings.  [More]

Kids’ Concepts For Fuel-Efficient Cars Aren’t Beyond Belief

Kids’ Concepts For Fuel-Efficient Cars Aren’t Beyond Belief

Maybe your childhood dream of a city skyline filled with jet-packing commuters and hovering taxicabs is still a fantasy, but some kids have ideas for fuel-efficient cars that are simultaneously ahead of their times but not beyond the realm of possibility.

Volvo Will Sell Cars With Smartphone Keys Starting In 2017

Volvo Will Sell Cars With Smartphone Keys Starting In 2017

Smartphones can do just about anything: open your hotel room door, or unlock your front door. Starting next year, the device will do even more if you’re in the market for a Volvo.  [More]