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Betamax Tapes Going Off The Market: This Post Was Not Written In 1988

You may remember the videotape format wars of the 1980s, where VHS eventually triumphed over Betamax, making that one family on your street who couldn’t borrow videos from everyone else feel very silly. After the format wars ended, Betamax didn’t vanish. Players were still manufactured until 2002, and Sony was still making tapes until very recently. [More]


Poll: 58% Of Americans Still Have A VCR

A new Gallup poll is making me very jealous, because I still have VHS tapes lying around that I can’t watch because my roommate made me throw out my old TV/VCR combo. Anyway! It turns out that 58% of Americans still have a VCR, which yes, is down from the 88% in 2005, but is still remarkable in this age of HD and digital whatnots. Anyone want to watch old taped episodes of My So-Called Life? I’ve got the VHS, if you’ve got the VCR. [Gallup] [More]