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McDonald’s Testing Sales Of Monster Energy Drinks In Five States

Need a little pick-me-up after a greasy burger and fry value meal? McDonald’s thinks it has the answer: sell energy drinks.  [More]

Primary Season Is Over — It's Time To Vote In Our Fast Food Value Menu Item General Election

Who can beat the amazing McDouble? The answer may well be no one, but we’ll put it to a vote to settle the score as to which fast food value menu is king. Yesterday we put a call out for nominations, and these are the contenders that emerged from the crop. [More]

Reader Says McDonald's Up-Sized Her Meal Without Asking

Reader Says McDonald's Up-Sized Her Meal Without Asking

An anonymous reader we’ll call Redacted was upsold to a large-sized value meal without his permission. She wrote this letter of complaint to the offending store and corporate: