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Why Is There A Kmart In Minneapolis That Blocks An Entire Street?

Lots of people and cities made terrible decisions in the ’70s. It was an era of traffic circles and jughandle exits, and a general “just put that building/highway wherever” attitude. Like the Kmart store in Minneapolis that was plopped down in the middle of what had been a main thoroughfare — an error that is only just beginning to (maybe) be remedied. [More]


New Airbnb Project Seeks To Boost Small Town Tourism

Airbnb is moving beyond assisting homeowners in renting out their properties, and is expanding into small town tourism with a new initiative that’s aimed at inventing new projects to draw in more hosts and renters in smaller, less-traveled communities.

How SimCity Teaches Us The Pinnacle Of Urban Planning Is A Totalitarian Death State

How SimCity Teaches Us The Pinnacle Of Urban Planning Is A Totalitarian Death State

Vincent Ocasla says that in fashioning the “Magnasanti” metropolis, he has “beaten” SimCity by creating the max stable population of six million. It consists of four grids of identical 12 x 12 grids with everyone’s workplace within walking distance. There are no roads, the city runs entirely on subways. There’s zero abandoned buildings zero congestion, and zero water pollution. It sounds like paradise, but it hides a dark core with a sinister message for would-be top-down urban planners. [More]

New Home Sales Increase! Still Down 21%!

New Home Sales Increase! Still Down 21%!

The world is currently overjoyed at the news that new home sales have increased by 11% this month, which is apparently much more than expected, but are still 21% below the levels of a year ago.


125 Years is the length of time it will take a totally abandoned wood frame house to simply fall down. What should we do with them in the meantime? [CR]