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Golden Corral Customer Claims His Chili Came With A Free Rat

Warning: If you want to make sure your breakfast/any food you’ve eaten recently stays put, you probably won’t want to click over and watch any videos that I’m about to link to. Because I already had to go through that for you, and don’t want you to suffer. To that end, a guy in Florida says he found a rat head in his chili at a Golden Corral restaurant. [More]

(Spidra Webster)

Man Claims Sprint Sold His Son A Phone Loaded With Pornographic Images Of Store Employee

A California man has filed a lawsuit against Sprint. Corp and Nextel of California Inc. claiming the new phone he bought for his underage son came with a set of pornographic images loaded onto it. The images were allegedly of a Sprint sales rep who worked at the same store where the phone was purchased. [More]