Lawsuit Alleges Uber Is Spamming Consumers With Illegal Texts

Lawsuit Alleges Uber Is Spamming Consumers With Illegal Texts

The concept of ride-sharing service Uber is built around consumers’ use of mobile phones: the company sends text messages confirming the creation of an account, users hail a cab through the company’s app, and the company routinely informs customers their ride is on the way via text. While this may be convenient for Uber customers, a new lawsuit claims Uber is violating federal law by sending unsolicited texts to people who want nothing to do with the service. [More]

HOWTO: Stop the Coupon Blizzard

About once a week, we receive an unsolicited “newspaper” in front of our door. Inside the plastic sheath is a pile of coupon papers and newspaper inserts for Lowe’s and various local supermarkets. We were thinking, damn, this is so annoying to toss into the trash every week. Then we remembered a post we had done on the very same subject.