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Wealthy Americans Face Catastrophic Shortage Of Mansions

As the housing market heats up, there’s one population that is truly suffering: rich people. As houses don’t stay on the market for long, houses priced at $1 million or more are in short supply. [More]

Detroit Tax Officials Tells Squatters In Foreclosed Homes They're Welcome To Stay If They Pay

It’s too bad our pal Kenneth, the $16 house guy, doesn’t live in Detroit, or he might’ve been able to keep on squatting: Tax officials in Wayne County are going to offer those living in thousands of foreclosed homes the opportunity to stay in those homes for as little as $500. [More]

Home Prices Go Up — But Won't Stay Up

The expiring tax credit caused a burst of homebuying activity, says the AP, but the effect is likely to be short-lived. [More]