Thousands Of People Posting Makeup-Free Selfies Are Donating To The Wrong Charity

You might’ve seen British pals on social media posting selifes of themselves wearing no makeup with the hashtag #nomakeupselfie, as part of an effort to donate funds to Cancer Research UK. But a new report says many of those good intentions are going to UNICEF instead — or to polar bear adoptions — due to a texting mixup. [More]

UNICEF: Facebook Likes Don’t Save Children

UNICEF: Facebook Likes Don’t Save Children

Your Facebook news feed is probably overflowing with sentimental images encouraging other users to “like” a page or share an image in order to combat some disease, or save an abandoned animal, or take part in some political movement. But in the end, those likes don’t do a dang thing, and the folks at UNICEF want everyone to know this. [More]

Take Me Off Your Damn List, UNICEF!

Take Me Off Your Damn List, UNICEF!

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