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The Unclaimed Baggage Center: A Wonderful Tale Of Lost Wedding Dresses & Rattlesnakes

We need to plan a field trip to Scottsboro, Ala. ASAP. Why? Just because of a magical place called the Unclaimed Baggage Center, a warehouse that sells off all the wonderful and not so wonderful things left behind in luggage that was never reunited with airline passengers. Sure, some bags might be full of dirty socks and empty Cheetos bags (I assume), but others contain things like wedding dresses, rattlesnakes… or even shrunken heads. [More]

The Hades of Lost Luggage

The Hades of Lost Luggage

Ineptly fumbled then lost by the luggage-flinging monkeys at your local airport, where does your suitcase go after you’ve given up all hope? Scottsboro, Alabama… where your prized possessions are then thoughtfully sold online to the highest bidder?