Tyson Recalls 66 Tons Of Chicken Nuggets That May Contain Plastic Pieces

Tyson Recalls 66 Tons Of Chicken Nuggets That May Contain Plastic Pieces

What’s supposed to be in chicken nuggets? Pretty much just chicken, yet pieces of plastic or other foreign substances turn up in nuggets with frightening frequency. This time, it happened at chicken giant Tyson Foods, and the affected product was the panko-breaded nuggets that come in 5-pound bags from the frozen food department at Costco. [More]

Black Forest Ham Sold At Sam’s Club, Costco Recalled For Possible Rubber Fragments

Black Forest Ham Sold At Sam’s Club, Costco Recalled For Possible Rubber Fragments

A customer who bought a pre-cooked ham at a warehouse club noticed something chewy that wasn’t supposed to be there, and reported “various sized pieces of what appeared to be rubber material” embedded in the ham. That’s not supposed to be a thing, and the company that packed the hams, which were sold to Costco and Sam’s Club, has announced a recall. [More]


NYC Health Officials Investigating Report Of Fried Rat Head Served At Popeyes

Let’s start with a warning: if you have recently eaten food, are planning to eat food in the near future, or ever want to eat food again, you might want to stop reading. Now that that’s covered, let’s talk about a Popeyes customer who claims she received a fried rat head with her chicken. [More]


Indiana Subway Closes For A Day After Customer Posts Video Of Worker Zapping Bugs

At Subway, you have a choice of topping for your sandwich — cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, peppers, you know the drill. But itty-bitty bug carcasses? No one is lining up for that extra protein. [More]

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Dunkin’ Donuts Manager Drops Tray Of Donuts On Floor, Puts Them Out For Sale Anyway

Eating any food not grown in your own garden and cooked yourself means putting a certain amount of trust in the people who prepare and handle your food. A former Dunkin’ Donuts employee leaked a video this week that shows another employee dropping a tray of donuts on the floor, then calmly putting them back on the tray and putting the tray out for sale. [More]

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Inspector General: FDA Still Takes Too Long To Recall Tainted Food Products

Five years ago, the Food Safety Modernization Act granted the Food and Drug Administration the statutory authority to compel food producers to recall tainted products. However, a new report from a federal investigator shows that people are falling ill while the FDA sometimes takes months to issue recalls, even after it has evidence of contamination. [More]


Disappointing Milky Way Brownie Is Latest Entrant In Packaging Vs. Reality Hall Of Sadness

Here at Consumerist, we’re used to that moment when expectations come crashing into conflict with reality, that sigh of disappointment over a product that’s failed to live up to its packaging or marketing photos. It’s not that it’s all that surprising, it’s just that it makes us sad. [More]

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Chipotle Accused CDC Of Scaring Customers With Updates On E. Coli Outbreak

In the wake of outbreaks of E. coli and norovirus, Chipotle has made a relatively public display of its efforts to improve — giving away free food while implementing new safety standards. However, the burrito chain believes that one federal agency’s constant updates about these outbreaks ultimately resulted in customers fretting too much about food safety.  [More]

Frozen Vegetable Recall Expands Again, Covers 16 More Products Sold Nationally

The massive frozen vegetable recall linked to a listeria outbreak that has so far resulted in two deaths and eight illnesses, has once again expanded. According to notices posted with the Food & Drug Administration, NORPAC Foods recalled Natural Directions Organics Mixed Vegetables and Natural Directions Organic Green Peas, while Picsweet issued a recall of 14 varieties of frozen vegetables that contain green beans or green peas from supplier CRF Frozen Foods. The vast vegetable recall kicked off two weeks ago when CRF announced the voluntary call back of frozen organic and traditional fruit and vegetable products manufactured or processed at its Washington facility since May 1, 2014 after finding traces of listeria in the food. [Food & Drug Administration]

Pilgrim’s Pride Expands Recall Of Contaminated Chicken Products

If you’ve already checked the list of products affected by a recent Pilgrim’s Pride recall involving chicken items possibly contaminated with bits of plastic, metal, wood, and rubber, you might want to check it again. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety & Inspection service has expanded the nearly five million-pound recall list to include additional products. Check the full list here.


Wendy’s Customer Claims Daughter’s Soda Came With Slimy Razor Blade

There are many things one would not want to find in their beverage, but a slimy razor blade has got to be one of the least appetizing. That’s what a mom in New Hampshire said she found in the bottom of a Wendy’s soda her daughter was drinking. [More]

More Walgreens “Nice!” Brand Sliced Fruit Recalled For Possible Glass Shards

More Walgreens “Nice!” Brand Sliced Fruit Recalled For Possible Glass Shards

Only a few months after recalling Walgreens Nice! store-brand orange slices because shards of glass might have found their way into the jars, the company is recalling jars of Nice! peach slices and mixed fruit for the same reason. [More]

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Whole Foods Shopper Says He Found Animal Bone In Trail Mix

A New Jersey man who bought trail mix from Whole Foods says his snack came with an extra, unexpected crunch: the bone of an animal mixed in with the dried fruit and nuts. [More]

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Kellogg: Investigators Looking Into Video Of Factory Worker Urinating On Assembly Line

Don’t like your cereal excessively soggy? Kellogg doesn’t either: the company says there’s a criminal investigation underway after a video surfaced that appears to show a factory worker urinating on a Rice Krispies assembly line. [More]

Cheese Company With Leaky Roof, “Uncleanable Surfaces” Pleads Guilty To Selling Listeria-Tainted Food

Cheese Company With Leaky Roof, “Uncleanable Surfaces” Pleads Guilty To Selling Listeria-Tainted Food

Perhaps you’d like to think that your shrink-wrapped ready-to-eat cheese was made in something resembling a science-fiction movie — stark white walls, spotless machines, a few doctor-like employees supervising the sterile process behind surgical masks. You certainly don’t imagine the conditions that got one Delaware cheese company shut down. [More]


Waffle House Fires Workers Caught On Camera Running A Kitchen Hair Salon

There are a few businesses where customers might expect to witness employees performing grooming rituals, of course. But because a restaurant is definitely not a salon, two Arkansas Waffle House workers were fired after customers filmed them doing stuff with hair in the kitchen. [More]

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Applebee’s Claiming She Found Bloody Fingertip In Her Salad

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Applebee’s Claiming She Found Bloody Fingertip In Her Salad

Unless it’s of the chicken tender variety, finding a finger in your food would no doubt be an unwelcome and highly unpleasant experience. Enough for one California woman to sue Applebee’s, after she says she found a bloody fingertip in her salad, after she’d already consumed some of the dish. [More]

Walgreens “Nice!” Orange Slices Recalled Because Glass Shards Have No Nutritional Value

Walgreens “Nice!” Orange Slices Recalled Because Glass Shards Have No Nutritional Value

If you shop at Walgreens, you’re probably familiar with its “Nice!” line of house-brand products, which includes bottles of mandarin orange slices. Unfortunately, some of those bottles might contain something that isn’t very nice: pieces of glass. [More]