Sorry: Vodka Vending Machine Not Coming To City Near You

A vodka vending machine recently appeared in the Ukraine, but don’t wait for one to appear in your local town or Wegmans. The machine, which began life as a coffee machine and dispensed shots and fruit-juice mixers, wasn’t legal. Since about a third of all vodka in the country is sold illegally, tax inspectors in particular are curious who might have installed the machine. [BBC] [More]

Touring Through The Ukraine, Looking For A Bride

Touring Through The Ukraine, Looking For A Bride

My buddy John is an odd guy. Extremely attractive, charming, well-groomed and well-off, he met his bride when doing a search on the internet using the key words “Black Christian Virgin”. He found a page, put up by the girl’s own brother, where his future wife solicited from Ghana for a wealthy American husband. He then paid a dowry for her, and they were married. Over the last few years, he’s funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars into Ghana as a result, usually with no actual return, only photographs of the bus service he owns, or the mansion that’s been built by the family for him there.