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Judge Approves Sale Of Twinkies, Could Be On Shelves By Summer

Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by a pair of investment firms. Good news for everyone who has been jonesing for a sugary, spongy, creme-filled fix — the judge overseeing the Hostess bankruptcy proceedings has given the go-ahead for the Twinkies brand to be sold off, with the hope that we could all be once again knee-deep in Twinkies at some point this summer. [More]

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New Hostess Owners Hope To Get Twinkies On Shelves By This Summer

When Hostess went bankrupt last year, we all learned that it’s possible to mourn the loss of something even if you haven’t eaten it in years, if ever — no one wanted to see Twinkies go away forever, and now it appears the almighty yellow creme-filled logs are staging a comeback. The new owners of Hostess say they’re hoping to get Twinkies on store shelves by this summer. [More]

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Consumer Reports Tests Prove: Generic Twinkies Not As Good As Original

Since negotiations broke down between management and workers and the mass-consumption snackery Hostess liquidated, American consumers have been left bereft and Twinkieless. No one really cares about Wonder Bread, but Twinkies hold a special place in our national imagination, even for people who haven’t tasted one of the hydrogenated delights in decades. But are the generic Twinkie-ish cakes you see on store shelves worth your time? [More]

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Hostess Has Tasty, Cream-Filled Starting Bid Of $410M On The Table For Twinkies

Remember when we were all terrified that we’d never have the chance to cradle a cream-filled snack cake in our hands ever again, that Twinkies would finally and irrevocably disappear and cast us all into a cake-less hole of utter despair? That’s probably not going to happen, as Hostess Brands confirmed it’s received a first offer of $410 million for Twinkies and its Dolly Madison brands. [More]

The chapter you try to forget but can never shake from your memory. (blue_j)

Twinkies & Wonder Bread To Likely End Up With Different Parents Following Hostess Collapse

As potential buyers line up to pick the sweet, slightly artificial-tasting bones of Hostess, it appears more and more likely that the company’s snacks will end up under new ownership that doesn’t include Hostess’ bread brands. [More]

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Report: Walmart & Kroger Among Top Bidders For Hostess Assets

A Twinkie here, a Ho Ho there — with bidders reportedly lining up to gobble Hostess’ assets, the brand’s snacks could be split up among some big name brands. Walmart and Kroger are said to be in the scrum of companies waiting to bid on the bits and pieces that remain of Hostess during its liquidation sale. [More]


Bankrupt Hostess Wants To Reward Executives With $1.8 Million In Bonuses

Only days after being unable to work things out with a striking union, and forcing us all to devour faux Twinkies for our creamy, spongy sugar fix, the folks at Hostess Brands Inc. are asking for a bankruptcy court to approve up to $1.8 million in bonus payments to top executives. [More]

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Still Want Twinkies? Move To Canada

Like walking through the wardrobe to Narnia, crossing the border into Canada transports you into a land where Twinkies and Wonder Bread are in full supply, without any imminent fear of vanishing. [More]


Judge Offers To Help Hostess & Striking Union Work Things Out So We Can Keep Our Twinkies

UPDATE 4:20 p.m.: Rejoice, for Hostess and its striking union have agreed to participate in mediation. The judge who urged both sides toward mediation will preside over a session between the two tomorrow. [More]

Egon explains it all.

Petition Calls For White House To Bail Out Twinkie Industry

If the federal government can bail out the banking and auto industries, why can’t it do the same for Twinkies, the beloved, spongy, cream-centered treats that are vanishing off store shelves — possibly forever — with the news that Hostess Brands is going the way of the Dodo, which is surprisingly not the name of one of its many products. [More]


Hostess Isn’t In The Ground Yet & Already A Twinkies Lunch Box Sold For $690 On eBay

Nostalgia is a funny thing. It can be triggered instantaneously, such as when the news hit today that Hostess is asking to liquidate its assets and immediately the world explodes into a sugary outpouring of Twinkies-related sentiment. And in times of loss, what serves our nostalgic need better than buying up merchandise on eBay? It’s so retro! [More]

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Hostess To Liquidate Assets Into Sugary, Cream-Centered Cash

Unable to reach a deal with a labor union representing around one-third of its employees, management of Hostess Brands — the Twinkie and Wonder Bread people — have asked a bankruptcy court to allow it to close up shop and liquidate all of its assets. [More]

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Forget The Fiscal Cliff, Twinkies Could Soon Disappear Forever

Already struggling to work its way out of bankruptcy protection, Hostess is now in the midst of a strike that the company says could force it to close up shop for good and liquidate all of its cream-filled products. [More]

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To Preserve The Brand, Hostess Leaves Equity Owners Without A Twinkie To Show For Their Investment

Back in January, Hostess Brands Inc., makers of the Twinkie and lots of other snacks (but mostly the Twinkie) declared bankruptcy. Yesterday the company finally filed its plan to get out of bankruptcy, which basically amounts to telling its equity owners, “Thanks for all the money, now go away.” [More]

Hostess Prepares To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Hostess Prepares To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Gird your Twinkies, Hostess lovers: The maker of those frosting-filled yellow logs is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week, says a new report. It’s the second time in recent years that it’s attempted to restructure in court. [More]

Professor Drops 27 Pounds In 10 Weeks On 'Twinkie Diet'

Professor Drops 27 Pounds In 10 Weeks On 'Twinkie Diet'

In an attempt to prove that caloric intake is the main factor in weight loss, a nutrition professor at Kansas State University has been subsisting on mostly Twinkies and other snack foods for 10 weeks. [More]

See All 37 Twinkie Ingredients Beautifully Photographed

See All 37 Twinkie Ingredients Beautifully Photographed

Photographer Dwight Eschliman has posted lovely photographs of all 37 of the ingredients inside a Twinkie. Each sits on a plate and is shot from above and boast rich tones and textures, reveling in an unexpected complexity that contrasts how we normally think about the icon junk food. This one is FD&C Yellow #5. [More]

Tell 'Em About The Twinkie: What's In It?

Tell 'Em About The Twinkie: What's In It?