No, You Cannot Fly Around With WWI Artillery Shells In Your Checked Baggage

Much like the time Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips was told he couldn’t bring grenades, inactive or not, in his luggage while flying, some teens on the way home from visiting European battlefields had to part with their souvenir World War I artillery shells. Bummer. [More]


TSA Wants Armed Police Stationed At Airport Checkpoints As Part Of New Security Measures

After a gunman opened fire at one of Los Angeles International Airport’s security checkpoints last November, the Transportation Security Administration has been weighing its security measures to find where the system can be improved. A new report from the agency recommends beefing up police presence with armed officers at airport checkpoints, as well as increased training across the board. [More]

House Tells TSA To Fork Over $531,395.22 In Passengers’ Unclaimed Change

House Tells TSA To Fork Over $531,395.22 In Passengers’ Unclaimed Change

Unlike when you flip over the couch cushions and dig into the seats of your car looking for change, it’s not a finders keepers situation with the leftover nickels and dimes the Transportation Security Administration found in 2012. Those loose coins left behind by passengers totaled $531,395.22 in fiscal year 2012 and the House just voted on what to do with it. [More]

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This Guy Made A Homemade Shotgun — All With Stuff He Bought At Airport Stores After Security

Of course, the Transportation Security Administration is not going to let anyone through security with a homemade weapon that could hurt someone. Heck, you can’t even bring a big snow globe or your Mamaw’s cranberry sauce. But that doesn’t mean you can’t whip up a homemade shotgun using only products purchased after security. Say what? [More]

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Lack Of Boarding Pass & TSA Checkpoints Don’t Prevent Kid From Sneaking Onto Las Vegas Flight

While Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2 will always provide inspiration to kids everywhere, the truth is, youngsters who can pull of similar adventures must be even wilier than he was. Sure, Kevin flew to New York City by himself, but security wasn’t as tight back then. Not like the 9-year-old who managed to evade Transportation Security Administration checkpoints and gate agents to get on a flight to Las Vegas all by himself. [More]