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Report: Reynolds Rejects British American Tobacco’s $47B Takeover Offer

Last month, British American Tobacco offered $47 billion to purchase the roughly 42% stake of R.J. Reynolds American that it didn’t already own. Now, the London-based company’s dream of creating the world’s largest tobacco company has been dashed. [More]

Monsanto Says $62 Billion Bayer Merger Offer Is “Financially Inadequate”

Monsanto Says $62 Billion Bayer Merger Offer Is “Financially Inadequate”

A day after aspirin king Bayer officially offered $62 billion to acquire Missouri seed and pesticide giant Monsanto, the deal already appears troubled, with Monsanto’s board of directors saying the offer isn’t sufficient. [More]

We're just hoping that next week's big announcement is a Kindle that only shows video of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, 24/7.

Amazon Denies Report Of Free Video, Music Streaming Service

The Internet has been buzzing since yesterday afternoon with all manner of speculation about what streaming video thingamajig Amazon plans to unveil next week. The report that has gotten the most traction is the one that is the least interesting — that Amazon would be launching a free, but ad-sponsored, streaming service. Most companies are fine with letting the media have fun guessing what’s behind the curtain, but Amazon apparently thought this was such a dumb idea that it felt compelled to deny the rumor. [More]

Judge Denies DirectBuy Settlement For Being Too Paltry

Judge Denies DirectBuy Settlement For Being Too Paltry

A judge has given the thumbs down to a proposed settlement in the class-action lawsuit against DirectBuy over its pricing practices. The settlement would have been free memberships to DirectBuy, worth $3,000, to around 800,000 class members. In other words, they were getting sued for being a bad deal and having a problem with their prices, and their make-good is a free pass so you can come in and keep paying those same prices.