5 Empty Promises Comcast Has Made About Time Warner Cable Merger & One Promise They Won’t Make

It’s been a year since two-time Worst Company In America winner Comcast confirmed it would spend $45 billion to acquire another much-loathed pay-TV provider, Time Warner Cable. And while we all wait for the FCC and Justice Dept. to finish kicking the tires and looking under the hood of this deal, what better time to review some of the promises Comcast has made about the post-merger pro-consumer wonderland we’ll all enjoy. [More]

The update alert being pushed out to some Android users (via liliputing.com)

Facebook Android App Wants To Bypass Google Play Store For Updates

As most Android users know, one of the nice things about the operating system is that you don’t always have to get your apps through the official Google Play app store. But usually, any future updates to an app come through whichever store you downloaded the app from. Except now Facebook is asking some Android users to accept an update in the app itself that would allow future updates to be pushed through without notice. [More]

Geek Squad Wants You To Write Down Your Password On This Sheet Because That's A Horrible Idea

Geek Squad Wants You To Write Down Your Password On This Sheet Because That's A Horrible Idea

We haven’t bought a new PC at Best Buy, well… probably since we investigated that whole optimized laptop thing a couple years back. So we haven’t seen the above sheet that not only allows you to choose from a variety of useless Geek Squad services, but also asks for your e-mail address and password.