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Pumpkin Spice Lindor Truffles Are Coming To Stores, And You Can’t Stop Them

Did you think that because it’s the peak of summer that you were safe from pumpkin spice mania? No, of course not: that’s when food companies announce their new pumpkin spice food-like objects, before they hit stores in August and September. Thanks to Consumerist’s diligent coverage of how pumpkin spice everything is taking over the American food supply, we now get press releases about new products. [More]

DC Safeway Sells Truffles

DC Safeway Sells Truffles

Fancy people living in DC can satisfy their truffle craving by heading over to a Safeway in Georgetown, which is selling the hypogeous delicacy for $999.99/lb. [More]

Welcome NY Times & NY Daily News Readers

Welcome NY Times & NY Daily News Readers

To readers coming from the New York Times or the NY Daily News, thanks for visiting The Consumerist!