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Trucker Abandons Trailer With 35K Pounds Of Raw Chicken After Failed Ransom Attempt

Warning: If the thought of rotting chicken is something that will put you off your lunch, stop reading now. Because law enforcement near Missoula, MT have quite a bit of a smelly headache to deal with, after a trucker abandoned a trailer packed with 35,000 pounds of raw chicken at a truck stop on Tuesday. [More]


Truck Driver Shortage Could Mean Higher Prices In Store Aisles

When strolling down the store aisles, shoppers might forget how all those products arrived on at their final destination on shelves, ready for the plucking. Many times it’s truckers that get the bottles of beer on the wall and the newest gadgets in stock, but what happens when there aren’t enough drivers to go around? Prices for consumers an go up, a new report says. [More]

Fisher-Price Walkie-Talkie Picks Up Trucker Talk; Now Tot Wants Pot And Strippers

Fisher-Price Walkie-Talkie Picks Up Trucker Talk; Now Tot Wants Pot And Strippers

A mom in West Virginia says her 3-year-old’s Diego walkie-talkie, which is supposed to have a range of 20 feet, picked up some blue talk from truckers who may have been 275 miles away. “They said we should go smoke some weed, and were talking about being in a strip bar, some really explicit things,” the mother told the Asssociated Press.

Trucker Bombs Demystified

Trucker Bombs Demystified

It’s early, so you might be reading this while drinking a morning glass of apple juice. We advise you to swallow that and put the glass far out of reach before you click the link.

For Today’s On-The-Go Urinator

For Today’s On-The-Go Urinator

Everyone’s had that horrible moment once in their life when they just had to go to the bathroom, yet couldn’t. Maybe you were stuck on a wide-open stretch of highway, or enduring the spasms of your bladder on an airplane when stuck in a delayed landing pattern. At first, you try to ignore it, but pretty soon, you can feel it practically bubbling up in your stomach, swimming around your molars. You’re certain if you don’t vacate immediately, geysers will start spraying out of your ears like a cartoon character.