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Airbnb Inches Closer To Full-Service Trip-Planner With Latest Acquisition

Airbnb has had success in providing a platform for travelers looking to stay somewhere other than hotels, but lodging is only one aspect of a trip. Where to eat? What to see? Airbnb’s recent acquisition of a startup travel-planning service shows that the company is inching toward offering one-stop shopping for travelers. [More]

Is It Time For Travel Agents To Make A Comeback?

Is It Time For Travel Agents To Make A Comeback?

Now that booking your own flight, car, and hotel reservations online is such a giant pain in the neck, travel agents don’t seem so bad. In a new report, Forrester Research says that “Consumers see other Web sites becoming easier to use – retail Web sites, banking Web sites, media Web sites. […] There are very few travel companies that are really looking to improve the planning and booking process.