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Lawsuit: Passenger Injured After United Airlines Failed To Provide Wheelchair Assistance

A United Airlines passenger has filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that she fell down an escalator and was injured after the carrier failed to provide her with wheelchair assistance as promised. [More]


Police Arrest NJ Driver Accused Of Skipping Tolls More Than 500 Times

There’s the one time you realize too late that you’re in the wrong lane/don’t have your E-ZPass or otherwise fail to pay a toll as you should, and then there’s blowing through tolls 500 times before the police catch up with you.



Taxis Still Provide More Rides Than Uber In New York City

Since bursting onto the transportation scene, Uber has served as a contentious rival for traditional taxis, with the industry arguing that the ride-hailing service has taken away business and depleted driver’s take-home pay. But a new report suggests that simply isn’t the case, at least in New York City, where traditional cabs continue to dominate the streets.  [More]


Lyft Launches “Premier” Luxury Ride Service To Rival Uber Black

What’s a luxury-loving customer to do when they want to ride in style? Uber has its “Black” tier of service offering trips in more luxurious vehicles, and now Lyft is launching a new offering called Premier to compete for those customers willing to pay for the privilege of a fancier car. [More]


Police: Uber Driver Arrested For Refusing To Transport Group Of Blind People With Service Dogs

Uber has been called out in the past by blind customers and advocacy groups for the blind for drivers who refused to transport service animals, settling a lawsuit over that issue in May with the company promising to take steps to prevent such discrimination. But it seems some drivers still don’t understand that they’re required to accept service animals, with police in Orlando arresting an Uber driver who allegedly drove away from blind passengers with guide dogs. [More]

Uber Can Operate Legally In Philly During Public Transportation Snafu

Uber Can Operate Legally In Philly During Public Transportation Snafu

Even though Uber vehicles are readily available throughout Philadelphia, many of the ride-hailing company’s services are still illegal in the city. But with more than 115 regional rail cars pulled from service last weekend over safety concerns, a temporary truce will allow Uber to operate without threat of fines or arrest in the City of Brotherly Love.

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Hertz Partnering Up With Uber, Lyft To Supply Drivers With Rental Cars

Don’t have a car, but want to work for Lyft or Uber as a driver? Hertz is hoping it can squeeze some extra miles out of its older cars with new deals it’s just announced to supply rentals to the ride-hailing companies. [More]


Uber Will Start Tracking Driver Behavior Through Its App

The next time your Uber driver takes a turn too fast or slams the brakes at the last second, Uber will know. The company says driver behavior will start to be tracked through its app soon. [More]


Uber Switching To Upfront Pricing Model, Ditching Surge Icon (While Keeping Surge Prices)

While Uber is changing its app to make it easier for customers to see what they’ll pay for a ride upfront, the new version will make it harder to know when “surge pricing” has taken hold. [More]


American Airlines CEO: Carrier Consolidation Means The Industry “Won’t See Losses Again”

Times used to be, airlines were so busy fighting each other for passengers, they ended up losing money instead of making it. But American Airlines CEO Doug Parker says things are different now that many of the major carriers have merged: huge losses are a thing of the past, Parker thinks, predicting smooth skies for the big airlines from here on out. [More]


Uber’s Head Of Global Customer Support Steps Down

After hopping over to Uber from Amazon in January 2015, the head of the ride-sharing company’s global customer support operations, Tim Collins, is returning from whence he came: he’s stepped down from his job at Uber and is reportedly going back to Amazon.


Uber Rolling Out Guaranteed Arrival Times For UberPool

Uber Rolling Out Guaranteed Arrival Times For UberPool

In its latest effort to get more people to use its carpooling service UberPool, Uber is introducing guaranteed arrival times, so passengers won’t have to worry about being late, even if they’re picked up first and dropped off last. [More]


Uber Nudging Users Toward Carpooling With Test Of “Upfront Pricing” Feature

In some cities, Uber customers can choose to get a ride with UberPool, which allows users to share a car with strangers who are traveling along (or close to) their route. It looks like the ride-hailing company is trying to nudge folks toward selecting that option, with a new test of an “upfront pricing” feature that displays prices for both UberPool and the more expensive option, UberX. [More]

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9 Things We Learned About How Few Americans Are Regularly Taking Part In The “Sharing Economy”

Though it might feel like you can turn a corner without seeing an ad for this ride-hailing app or that on-demand delivery service, Pew Research Center’s first-ever survey of how American adults interact with the new digital economy shows there’s a big difference between how many people have ever tried one of these services and the people who use them on a regular basis. [More]

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Uber, Lyft Suspend Service In Austin Over Rules Requiring Drivers’ Fingerprints

If you’re looking for a ride in Austin you’ll have one less option starting today, after Uber and Lyft suspended operations there over city requirements that include fingerprint-based background checks for all drivers. [More]

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Federal Prosecutors Accuse Toys ‘R’ Us Employee Of Stealing $2 Million From Accounts For Truckers

Here’s how eCash for truck drivers at Toys ‘R’ Us was supposed to work. Authorized employees would load the cash on drivers’ debit cards, and the drivers would use that money for things like meals, lodging, and repairs to their vehicles. Employees other than drivers are not supposed to load up a debit card with company money, then withdraw cash at an ATM. Yet one man is accused of doing exactly that, taking out $1.89 million over a period of almost three years. [More]

Lyft Partners With Waze In Effort To Be Faster, More Efficient Than The Competition

Lyft Partners With Waze In Effort To Be Faster, More Efficient Than The Competition

What’s a ride-hailing company to do when it’s got a rival or two cruising around town trying to pick up the same customers it wants? It has to have a leg up on the competition. Getting passengers to their destinations quicker than other services is one way to beat out others, which is why Lyft is partnering with Google’s traffic app Waze. [More]

Uber Will Get A Special Drop-Off And Pick-Up Area For Passengers Traveling To The Super Bowl

Uber Will Get A Special Drop-Off And Pick-Up Area For Passengers Traveling To The Super Bowl

For the first time ever, Super Bowl ticketholders will be able to take an Uber to the big game: the ride-hailing company has put down a big chunk of money to snag a special drop-off and pick-up zone near Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, close to San Francisco.  [More]